Best Practices for Running an Efficient Law Office

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Efficient Law Office Best Practices

Time is money. So when running your law office, you want to accomplish tasks as efficiently as possible while minimizing time spent working after hours.  Increasing efficiency doesn’t need to be complicated, though. With a few simple tools and an awareness of outdated, inefficient firm practices, you can get more work done with less time spent behind the desk.   Keep … Read More

6 Key Features for Legal Practice Management Software

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6 Key Features for Legal Practice Management Software

According to survey data collected by the American Bar Association, around half of law firms provide accessibility to practice management software, but the utilization rate at individual firms is low. Even if a firm uses practice management software, some still use non-legal-specific software, which isn’t designed or optimized for law firm use.  Legal practice management software is designed to make … Read More

Guide to time tracking best practices for lawyers

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Law Firm Time Tracking

Law firms don’t make revenue unless they invoice for the work they do, and they can’t invoice accurately unless they track their time. So how did inefficient, costly time-tracking practices get ingrained in so many legal practices?   A few benefits of optimizing your time-tracking processes include:  Reduced non-billable time—and increased billable hours  Improved operational efficiencies  Better billing rates  But another … Read More

5 Ways To Use File-Sharing Tools at Your Law Firm

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File Sharing Tools for Law Firms

Many small and mid-size law firms might mistakenly believe cybersecurity is not a concern, but the data reveals something different—43% of cyber attacks target small businesses, and the rates continue to increase.  Secure file-sharing tools can help firms keep client data safe while promoting collaboration, efficiency, and cost savings. Why, then, are so many firms hesitant to take advantage of … Read More

Top 5 Best Family Law Software That Support Flat-Fee Billing

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Top 5 family law software that support flat fee billing

Billing is one of the most tedious and frustrating tasks in every lawyer’s week. Many lawyers struggle to find time to track hours, follow up on unpaid invoices, and accurately bill for work completed, leading to thousands of dollars of unpaid work every year. According to some estimates, the average lawyer’s collection rate (hours billed compared to hours paid) is … Read More

What Are the Best Criminal Law Software Options That Help with Collections?

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What Are the Best Criminal Law Software Options That Help with Collections

Lawyers specializing in criminal law experience unique challenges. From difficult client matters to negative public perception to high rates of Secondary Traumatic Stress, the weight of working on criminal law cases can take a toll on even the most committed attorney.  On top of long hours and emotionally difficult cases, criminal law is typically one of the lowest-paying fields. How … Read More

Which Family Law Software Is Best for Creating Custom Task Lists?

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Creating Custom Task Lists

Rising divorce rates in the U.S. mean that attorneys specializing in family law are busier than ever with divorce cases, child custody cases, and more.  To stay on top of rising caseloads, family law attorneys must adopt practices and technology that keep them organized, so they never miss a court appearance or a deadline. One helpful organizational tool is custom … Read More

What Are the Benefits of a Cloud-Based Practice Management System?

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Benefits of cloud-based practice management system

You might imagine that with the rapid shift to remote work in 2020, many law firms would have switched to accessible, cloud-based software. Unfortunately, even though cloud-based software is safe, cost-effective, and client-centric, only about 60% of law firms use the cloud, up only 1% from pre-pandemic levels.[1] Of those firms, most were using cloud-based services designed for the general … Read More

What Research Tools Do Lawyers Use?

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What Research Tools Do Lawyers Use

In recent years, approaches to legal research have changed with new technological developments. While many lawyers still pay for some of their research tools, there are a growing number of high-quality free research tools available.  Most law firms now use a combination of paid and free research tools, and which tools they use tends to vary by topic. Finding the … Read More

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Invest in Legal Practice Management Software?

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How Do You Know When It’s Time to Invest

If you’re running a law firm, you’re running a business. Any expenses your business takes on—such as using legal practice management software—need to more than earn back the cost.  For many law firms, a modern legal practice management system does just that. Although you do have to pay for it, it can save your firm valuable billable hours in the … Read More