5 Ways To Use File-Sharing Tools at Your Law Firm

Misbah Jalal Siddiqui

File Sharing Tools for Law Firms

5 Ways To Use File-Sharing Tools at Your Law Firm

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Many small and mid-size law firms might mistakenly believe cybersecurity is not a concern, but the data reveals something different—43% of cyber attacks target small businesses, and the rates continue to increase. 

Secure file-sharing tools can help firms keep client data safe while promoting collaboration, efficiency, and cost savings. Why, then, are so many firms hesitant to take advantage of them? 

A failure to adopt new technology harms your business. File0sharing tools are an easy way to change the way your firm does business for the better. Here are five simple, easy-to-implement ways to use file-sharing tools to make your law firm run more efficiently. 

1. Utilize electronic signatures to save time and expense 

File-sharing tools allow firms to easily and quickly share legal documents with clients, including documents requiring signatures such as contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other legally binding documents. Unfortunately, the signing process quickly becomes inefficient if documents must be printed, signed, and mailed or scanned before being returned to the firm. 

File-sharing tools that support electronic signatures make obtaining signatures cost-effective, safe, and efficient—files can be shared, signed, and returned in minutes without printing or postage. Some firms may be wary of using electronic signatures for legal documents, but legislation confirms electronic signatures are considered legally binding signatures as long as they authenticate the signer’s identity and are verifiable. 

Obtaining an electronic signature instead of a physical one also helps attorneys get legally binding documents signed correctly the first time.  

Clients who miss a signature or two, initial instead of sign, or sign on the wrong line can cause costly delays. Attorneys must restart the signing process after each misstep. With electronic signatures, clients sign in clearly designated areas, reducing errors.  

Through CosmoLex’s partnership with LexSign, documents can be signed by clients anytime and anywhere to keep business running smoothly.  

2. Perform secure file transfers to keep your law firm compliant 

Law firms handle multitudes of sensitive data, including client personal information, case notes, and evidence. In today’s day and age, sharing this data with team members, clients, or vendors via email simply isn’t secure—malware, cyberattacks, phishing scams, and ransomware threats can all compromise sensitive data, subjecting firms to scrutiny from the state bar. 

Law firms have an ethical and legal obligation to protect client data to the best of their ability, and secure file-sharing software is the best tool on the market today to keep files safe.  

File-sharing tools ensure only involved parties can access sensitive case information; even fellow firm members must navigate permissions to access documents. Secure file-sharing implements security measures beyond user permission levels—they protect documents and files from unsolicited eyes through secure sharing links, passwords, and bank-level encryption. 

Law firms utilizing secure file-sharing tools not only gain client trust and peace of mind—they prevent hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and billable hours spent identifying and resolving cyberattacks. 

3. Share documents in a user-friendly manner 

A client portal is a unique, software-based platform frequently used by law firms to securely exchange information with clients. Each party has a unique login with which they access the platform. Once logged in, users can send documents, emails, or files, submit invoices or pay bills, view matter information, and more. 

Client portals are a great way to keep client data safe, but some clients may find them difficult to navigate, resulting in misuse—or lack of use—of this valuable cybersecurity tool. 

Secure file-sharing tools allow attorneys and clients to share documents in the same manner as sending an email. This intuitive interface makes clients more willing to utilize this security tool, keeping matter information more secure. 

4. Transmit large documents and files 

All email service providers, such as Outlook, Yahoo, or Gmail, limit the size of attachments that can be sent via email. Law firms work with hefty documents and files, making sharing documents as email attachments cumbersome at best and impossible at worst.  

To circumvent email attachment size limitations, some firms print and mail large documents or share flash drives containing matter information with clients. These methods introduce additional security risks for client data since paper files or flash drives can easily be lost, stolen, copied, or viewed by an uninvolved party. 

A better way to share large files and documents is to use a legal file-sharing tool. A client portal or secure file-sharing software allows firms to securely send documents of any size without delays or disruptions. 

5. Create a secure backup of all matter files 

Unlike traditional file storage methods, like physical files or files stored on a designated firm server, cloud-based legal software automatically backs up all client data. This means that even if data was lost or compromised due to a fire, theft, cyberattack, or power outage, a copy of all matter documents and data would be accessible to firms. 

Legal file-sharing software utilizes this cloud-based technology to securely back up data and keep your firm running, even in the event of a disaster. 

It’s simple—CosmoLex’s file-sharing tools are good for business 

File-sharing tools improve upon the drawbacks of traditional file-sharing methods—today’s tools are more secure than ever, all while saving firms time and money. Send documents quickly, receive signatures in minutes, backup data in the background, and transmit files of any shape or size without limitations or slowdowns. 

CosmoLex’s partnership with LexShare makes securely sharing files intuitive, fast, and safe. To learn more about how CosmoLex can improve your firm’s matter management, start a free trial or schedule a demo online. 

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