Which Family Law Software Is Best for Creating Custom Task Lists?

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Creating Custom Task Lists

Which Family Law Software Is Best for Creating Custom Task Lists?

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Rising divorce rates in the U.S. mean that attorneys specializing in family law are busier than ever with divorce cases, child custody cases, and more. 

To stay on top of rising caseloads, family law attorneys must adopt practices and technology that keep them organized, so they never miss a court appearance or a deadline. One helpful organizational tool is custom task lists, which help attorneys manage overlapping responsibilities and stay up to date on every case. 

There are many organizational tools and apps available that support custom task lists, but legal practice management software provides specific support to family law attorneys. The best family law software that supports custom task lists is CosmoLex. Keep reading to learn about CosmoLex’s top 6 benefits for family law attorneys. 

Does my firm really need legal practice management software? 

Legal-specific practice management software helps firms improve efficiency, save money, and avoid legal missteps that could result in fines or ethical violations. Attorneys currently using Microsoft Excel, an email calendar, or an old-fashioned sticky note may be hesitant to switch to a new organizational platform, but there are very good reasons to consider making the change.  

Unlike programs like Microsoft Excel, legal practice management software is designed with legal matters in mind. This means that each new to-do list item is automatically paired with its applicable matter, keeping your work organized. Legal task management software like CosmoLex even automates some checklists and deadlines, ensuring you’re prepared to handle new cases from day one. 

Legal practice management software does more than just keep track of your to-do list. It also prepares invoices, tracks expenses, and serves as a cloud-based document hub. Unlike generic project management software, firms only need to pay for one subscription to get support with practice management, accounting, and more. 

Finally, legal-based software helps prevent ethical violations, malpractice claims, and breaches in legal compliance by design. For example, CosmoLex’s innovative accounting software allows clients to pay legal invoices by credit card while giving attorneys peace of mind that trust accounts are being managed in compliance with legal standards regarding these accounts. 

CosmoLex helps family law attorneys get more work done 

Now that you understand the benefits of legal practice management software over generic software, which option should you choose? Here are 6 reasons CosmoLex is our top pick for legal task management software. 

Custom checklists help you prioritize and complete tasks 

A program like Microsoft Excel might be an easy way to add to-do items to a comprehensive list, but once you start trying to organize tasks so high-priority items are evident, things quickly become complicated. Instead of color-coding, copying and pasting, or duplicating to-do lists, simply customize checklists with CosmoLex. 

CosmoLex’s custom checklists allow you to organize and prioritize your tasks to best align with your established workflow. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to complex legal cases. By supplementing the processes that already work well for you, CosmoLex’s custom checklists help you identify and complete the most pressing tasks each day. 

Cloud-based tasks lists can easily be shared with the team 

Unlike desktop applications, sticky notes, or other productivity software, CosmoLex’s legal practice management software is cloud-based. This means client files (and client to-do lists) are available from anywhere and to every firm employee with the proper permissions. 

As a result, tasks can be assigned to and completed by paralegals, fellow attorneys, or assistants, even when they’re out of the office. Cloud-based software puts every team member on the same page and prevents unexpected delays. 

Access and add to your task list from anywhere 

Another benefit of CosmoLex’s cloud-based platform is that attorneys can access—and add to—task lists in real time, even when they’re not in the office. Like any attorney, family law lawyers frequently work beyond the bounds of typical office hours. Easily stay organized whenever new cases crop up by managing your workflow with cloud-based software. 

Matter-centric organizational structure makes it easy to stay on top of every case 

Busy family law attorneys work on dozens of different cases every week. CosmoLex’s matter-based platform organizes checklists, documents, and pending tasks by matter, making it easy to stay organized, no matter how many cases are on your desk. 

Additionally, because CosmoLex syncs with your email and calendar, important appointments like court appearances are automatically added to each matter. 

Time spent completing list items automatically syncs with invoices 

Better time tracking is a major opportunity for many law firms, as statistics show that firms frequently write off a significant portion of their billable time. CosmoLex’s practice management software helps attorneys boost revenue by easily and accurately tracking billable time for every matter. 

CosmoLex’s matter-specific time tracker automatically pairs with open matters, which makes it simple to invoice for time spent working on each case. When it’s time to submit invoices to clients, tracked time automatically populates on each invoice, helping ensure you get paid for the work you do. 

Automated lists and deadlines ease the client intake process 

To take on new clients, you need more time. And to get more time, you need task automation. 

Automating repetitive tasks like invoicing, email marketing, or the client intake process can save time and money by allowing you to prioritize billable tasks. With CosmoLex, you can create automated tasks that trigger when a particular scenario occurs, like when it comes time to manage client intake or onboard a new hire. By automatically populating the tasks you need to complete, you’ll ensure you don’t miss out on any important processes, deadlines, or paperwork. 

CosmoLex is the best choice for family law firms 

Lawyers practicing family law manage many types of cases and lots of sensitive personal information. Family law is a fast-paced profession, so legal task management practices that keep attorneys organized are vital to supporting clients through the ups and downs of complex cases.  

CosmoLex’s innovative features include trust and legal accounting, billing, and practice management capabilities that can help support firms of every shape and size. To see how CosmoLex can support your firm, schedule a demo. 

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