Legal Billing Increments and Client Invoice Solutions

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Legal Billing and Client Invoice

When you run a law firm, positive client relations are key to building the next round of leads. There are many factors that influence how a client feels about working with your firm, but one of the most critical factors in that mix is billing. In particular, clients don’t want to feel like they’re being asked to pay for more … Read More

What Law Firms Should Know about Billing for Paralegal Work

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Billing for Paralegal Work

In 1989, the Supreme Court ruling on Missouri v. Jenkins established that law firms can bill clients for paralegal hours in accordance with the market rate, not what the paralegal is actually paid by the firm.[1] Tracking billable hours for paralegals has become a standard part of law firm culture, but it still leaves the law firm with the question … Read More

How Can My Law Firm Automate Legal Billing?

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For many lawyers, legal billing isn’t their favorite part of running a law office, but it still needs to get done. Putting off billing tasks can snowball into cash flow issues and accounts receivable going to collections. One way to sidestep this issue is to automate as many parts of the legal billing process as possible. Time tracking If your … Read More

What Should a Law Firm Invoice Include?

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Invoices can seem like just another routine piece of paperwork, but they carry a lot of importance for clients—and not just in terms of the balance due at the bottom of the page. Whether or not an invoice is straightforward and easy to understand can have a huge impact on a client’s sense of urgency about paying—and by extension, your … Read More

How can our law firm automate our collections?

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Most lawyers, and business owners in general, dislike following up on collections. Yet if you want to be paid for work you’ve already done, basic steps around collections are a necessity. One way to circumvent the issue of having to follow up with collections—and possibly putting it off instead—is to automate your collections process. Here’s how. Online payments Online payment … Read More