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5 Ways CosmoLex Will Raise the Bar at Your Firm

  1. Manage your entire practice in one login. No more fiddling with multiple programs, failed imports, duplicate data entry.
  2. Improve your cash flow with faster, easier time & expense reporting, one-click billing and automated reminder notices.
  3. Avoid the endless hassles of trying to customize your general accounting software. CosmoLex includes complete law firm accounting software.
  4. Always be “audit- ready” with built-in attorney trust (IOLTA) accounting software.
  5. Keep a pulse on your entire practice with performance data and financial and management reports, all in one place.

Don’t just Survive. Thrive with the Power of CosmoLex.

CosmoLex Runs Your Entire Practice

Now, for the first time ever, one single web-based application puts you in control of your entire law firm. Legal Billing Software, Legal Practice Management Software, Attorney Trust Accounting Software, Law Firm Accounting Software are all built-in to CosmoLex giving you one seamless service that saves enormous amounts of time and ends duplicate entries & import/export nightmares forever.

Designed to meet the needs of small firms & solo attorneys, CosmoLex gives you the ability to prolog in from anywhere, at anytime, on any device to keep your casework moving forward…

Legal Time & Billing

Billing That’s Faster & Easier Than Ever

CosmoLex captures all time and all expenses in the moment – as soon as they occur. Nothing slips through the cracks.

When it comes time to send the bills, all time and expenses from the current period have already been added to the invoices. Your bills go out one time – with a single click. And you reap the rewards of better cash flow, higher profits.

Law Office Accounting

Finally – 100% Built-in Legal Accounting!

CosmoLex has built-in accounting – right alongside practice management and billing where it belongs. No 3rd party accounting software required for business or trust (IOLTA) Accounting.

Built-in accounting saves not only time, it eliminates all the common sources of error that comes from keeping your books on a separate system.

Law Practice Management

Practice Management for a Better Bottom Line

CosmoLex innovation turns practice management into a “profit multiplier”. A Smart Calendar makes meetings “billable” – reducing revenue “leakage”.

A multi-level Dashboard spots priorities for the firm, & for individuals – keeping everyone focused on “revenue” activity. Workflow templates ensure deadlines are met, outputs compliant, and more…

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What our customers are saying about CosmoLex.

Juliana Diaz

“I love the convenience that it is cloud based and I can access it from anywhere. I could be sitting on a beach somewhere working and billing my time at the same time.”

Juliana Diaz / The Law Offices of Juliana Diaz / New Jersey

Patrick Coleman

“Cosmolex has helped us reduce the human resources required to post, invoice and track client payments.”

Patrick Coleman / Tellie & Coleman, P.C. / Pennsylvania

Jeno Berta

“CosmoLex is a great addition to any office and a requirement for any solo attorney.”

Jeno Berta / The Berta Law Firm / Iowa

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