About CosmoLex

The CosmoLex Vision

In 2012, our founding visionary, Rick Kabra, Ph.D., realized. — after several years of developing specialized legal software — that the time had come to bring the benefits of “The Cloud” to law offices. Rick saw how Cloud computing can especially help small-to-midsize firms keep their legal technology simple and cost-efficient.

Rick and CosmoLex CTO, Pankaj Gupta, began to build a cloud-based law practice system as no one had ever seen before. They created CosmoLex with a singular vision — to handle ALL law firm operational needs with a single log-in available in a cloud application. And with a simple goal in mind — to “help lawyers spend less time managing their practice and more time practicing law.”

The Future of CosmoLex with Software Technology, LLC

Today, CosmoLex has grown in ways we could only imagine. The original vision of a “Total Law Practice Solution” is now a reality. Each day, CosmoLex streamlines and simplifies the daily work life of thousands of law firms across North America. And that’s important to us because our business is all about service – making it as easy as possible for our users to handle the complex operations of running a law firm…technology is just the tool.

CosmoLex is now part of Software Technology, LLC, the makers of Tabs3 Software and the leaders in legal practice management software for solo and mid-sized law firms. The Software Technology, LLC line of solutions is used by over 100,000 legal professionals across the US and Canada. As part of the Tabs3 legal software family, CosmoLex is poised to continue its evolution as a “total law practice solution”, one that gives law firms the control, security, and advanced features that have always been the keys to its success. As the practice of law continues to change, as the pace continues to accelerate, and the demands increase, CosmoLex will continue to grow and meet those needs. We invite you to join us on this journey!

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