Top 4 Accounting Challenges Facing Law Firms Today

Legal accounting has always been a challenge – but there are a few that top the list for lawyers today.  Accounting can be tough on a good day in any industry, but lawyers have some particularly unique factors to take into consideration. Not only is there the traditional business accounting aspect, like dealing with payroll, office purchases, profit and loss … Read More

Make More Money: 10 Tips for Better Legal Billing

Right now, we’re all dealing with uncertainties and changes but one thing remains the same – a firm’s need to stay profitable.  Billing can be a sore subject for lawyers, especially ones who have had their share of clients who don’t pay. Trying to get billable hours in while staying on top of billing and running a practice can be … Read More

Creating a Budget for Your Law Firm

Budgeting. It’s the cornerstone of any effective business plan. A budget allows you to allocate resources to the right projects and people. It helps you monitor performance and meet your objectives. It helps you make decisions for next week and for next year.  We can all agree on their importance – but do you have one?  Building law firm budgets … Read More

Tips to Effectively Work Remotely: Keeping Your Firm Running During a Crisis

Nation-wide law firms are instituting a work from home policy. Major events are being canceled. Schools are closing. If these unprecedented times show anything, law firms all over are learning how important it is to have a plan in place to be able to effectively work remotely. To prepare your firm for remote work, think about everything you’d need to … Read More

5 Ways Using Separate Billing and Accounting Software is Wasting Your Time

The time you spend on billing and accounting can seem like a money-making investment – after all, it means you’re going to invoice your client for billable hours and hopefully recover some expense costs. But effective time usage is what allows lawyers to invest their time in activities that are profitable, rather than just those that simply need to be … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Ny Quann Gulley, Software Support Specialist

Our clients are our top priority, which is why the CosmoLex Support team is a critical part of our company. Our in-house team answers questions and offer support to our customers through several channels, including live chat, phone, and email during hours that extend beyond the workday. Ny Quann is a vital part of our Software Support team, so check … Read More