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Easy legal billing software, project management options and on-the-go time capture mean your law firm's time and money won’t fall through the cracks.

Legal Billing Software


Time & Expense Capture

On-the-go Capture for Anywhere You Work

Enter your time and expenses in your legal billing software from any mobile device while you're on the go. Track billable time and get paid for your hours whether you work from home, the office, the car, or the courtroom with online time and expense tracking that lets you use your time efficiently. When it's time to start the billing process, generate invoices in a click from time tracked with CosmoLex's fully integrated legal practice management software.

Money Finder Secures Lost Billable Hours

Your law firm works diligently for your clients. You should get paid for it. Don't let hard-earned money fall through the cracks—double-check your records with Money Finder. Money Finder automatically scans your practice management records for unbilled time on completed events and triggers alerts on your CosmoLex dashboard. You're not perfect, but your legal billing software is. That's CosmoLex—smart cloud-based legal billing software for law firms that saves you time while boosting your revenue.

Contextual Law Billing Software

Missing and disjointed client records lead to client billing disputes. A contextual legal billing software platform allows you to attach each task to a time entry and a matter, so cases always stay organized, and you track billable hours accurately.

Enter timecards attached to the relevant activity category to ensure all billable time is accounted for and easy to find. Clients viewing their bill will access detailed context around each billable line. Whether you do hourly billing or value billing (flat fees), CosmoLex can keep the legal billing process straightforward and accurately bill clients.

Your legal billing software should work for you and your clients. With CosmoLex, you get the best legal billing software. You don't have to compromise efficient legal processes for the client experience. Build client trust and streamline your legal billing system—that's a win-win.

Complaint Cost Tracking for the Legal Industry

Tired of worrying about invoicing compliance for your law firm? Log expenses the minute they're sustained and move forward with your day without worry with easy, compliant expense tracking built into our legal billing software.

Instantly post your hard and soft costs (or direct and indirect costs) as soon as they are incurred—whether by cash, checks, or credit cards—to maintain compliance and stop money from falling through the cracks. Expense tracking shouldn't take more time than it's worth—and with CosmoLex's dedicated legal billing software, it doesn't.

Rapid Time Capture Across Matters and Clients

Ditch the sticky note method—automate time and billing on every matter with a one-click timer available on any device and from any location.

Open a single timesheet to track time for each matter while working on client accounts on the fly. The same timers are available for mobile access on the app, so you can keep track of hourly billing and expense tracking wherever you go. Only one timer can be active at a time, so you can perform faster and more accurate tracking entries than ever.

By simplifying your expense tracking with our intuitive time tracking and billing software, you'll access analytics and reporting to help law firms improve their legal processes, easily differentiate between billable and non-billable hours, and optimize inefficient client management tasks.

Time and Expense Capture

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Reasons Law Firms Choose CosmoLex

Built-in Legal Accounting

CosmoLex offers truly comprehensive legal billing software with fully compliant law office accounting. No support from outside integrations or additional vendors required. After all, why use multiple software platforms to do the work of one powerful CRM solution? CosmoLex’s multifaceted capabilities make it a true solution for both large and small law firms.

Credit Card Processing Included,
No Fixed Monthly Fees

Is your firm at the mercy of traditional credit card processors and their fees? When you partner with CosmoLexPay, credit card challenges are a thing of the past. Get the security and convenience of online invoicing and retainer payments at a simple, low cost. It’s better for you, and better for your clients.

Customer Support is Always Free

At CosmoLex, we believe you have a right to get help when you need it—no strings attached. That’s why all support, training, and onboarding are provided by our in-house team. There's never an extra charge and we’re always here to help. You don’t have to be a technology whiz to take advantage of all our innovative tools and features, but we’re here if you have questions

Top Reasons Why CosmoLex is
the Right Software for Your Firm

No Long-term Contracts

Change happens, we get it. If CosmoLex is no longer the best matter management solution for your law firm, you should be free to make the best decision for your firm. That’s why we don’t lock you into a long-term contract—you can cancel at any time, for any reason, hassle-free.

Simple, All-inclusive Pricing

As an attorney, your life is busy enough. We prefer to keep things simple—that’s why you won’t see any “basic” or “premium” subscription plans on our website. Every single client gets every single one of our state-of-the-art features. As new features are added, you automatically get access to them.

Used By Thousands of Firms

CosmoLex solves the practice management needs of law firms of all sizes and practice areas. We’re not afraid for you to read our reviews—in fact, we think you’ll find them pretty great! We’re a trustworthy and tested practice management solution that’s helped thousands of law firms achieve their business goals.

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