Separate Billing and Accounting

Lawyers are used to fast-paced work environments. And in today’s world, attorneys increasingly need around-the-clock access to their practice, along with cutting-edge tools that foster client collaboration.  

 But most cloud-based systems for managing a legal practice require a separate accounting package, such as QuickBooks ®, which can lead to a host of complications for law firms. Relying on separate billing and accounting systems often means duplicate data entry, error-prone syncing between programs, and difficulty maintaining bar association compliance.  

 Enter CosmoLex, a comprehensive cloud-based solution that integrates legal practice management, billing and payment, and trust accounting, offering convenience without compromise.  

Integrated Cloud System

The Operational Challenges for Law Firms

From client acquisition to case management, the intricacies of operating a law firm can often seem overwhelming.

The most daunting of these tasks often revolve around practice management, billing, and accounting. When these processes are managed through separate systems, it can lead to inefficiencies, potential errors, and a significant drain on your resources.

This disjointed setup complicates your operations and hampers your ability to focus on what truly matters—your clients and your practice.
Integrated Accounting

The Risks of Separate Billing and Accounting Systems

While separate billing and accounting systems may seem like a viable solution, they often conceal a host of hidden challenges. The lack of integration between these systems can lead to duplicate data entry, a time-consuming process resulting in significant inaccuracies.  

Compliance missteps 

Maintaining compliance with bar association regulations becomes complex when using a general accounting program like QuickBooks. These challenges can have serious financial implications, leading to costly errors and compliance violations. 

Reduced productivity  

Having separate billing and accounting systems can negatively impact your firm's productivity and efficiency. The increased administrative workload of manually syncing and reconciling the two systems takes time away from billable hours and strategic tasks that could enhance your firm's performance. And because manual systems often lack features specific to legal practice, such as trust accounting, it becomes more difficult to ensure financial integrity in your operations.

Data security issues  

Separate systems inherently introduce data security issues. Each system represents a potential point of vulnerability that can expose your firm to the risk of data breaches. This not only threatens the confidentiality of your client's information but can also result in potential legal ramifications (not to mention damage to your firm's reputation). By mitigating these risks, you can better protect your firm and assure your clients that their information is secure.

CosmoLex: Your Law Firm’s Comprehensive Solution

With CosmoLex, you can say goodbye to the frustrations of managing separate systems. We provide a unified platform that eliminates duplicate data entry, ensures accurate financial reconciliations, and reduces costs associated with multiple software subscriptions.  CosmoLex is more than just a software program—it’s a comprehensive legal practice management system. Our comprehensive solution eliminates the need for separate billing and accounting systems, streamlining your operations and saving you valuable time and resources. With CosmoLex, you can manage your workflows, billing, and accounting all in one place. This promotes maximum efficiency and ensures accurate financial reconciliations and compliance with bar association regulations.  

Integrated accounting 

CosmoLex’s integrated accounting feature will significantly streamline your administrative operations. By consolidating trust accounting and general accounting into one system, you save time that would have otherwise been spent navigating multiple systems.  

This ultimately reduces the risk of financial inaccuracies and allows you to concentrate on serving your clients instead of managing accounts. 

Compliant trust accounting 

With CosmoLex's compliant trust accounting feature, you never have to worry about violating regulatory requirements. The system is designed to keep you audit-ready at all times, so you can focus on your legal work rather than worrying about compliance.   

This peace of mind will boost your confidence in managing your practice, knowing that the financial side is in safe hands.  


Comprehensive financial records 

By offering a comprehensive view of your firm’s financial health, CosmoLex empowers you to make well-informed business decisions.  

Get all your billing, payments, and accounting records in one place so you can clearly understand your firm’s financial performance—and better optimize resources and strategies to increase profitability. 


Simple, all-inclusive pricing 

CosmoLex’s straightforward pricing model makes budgeting easier for your firm. With a single subscription, you can access all the core features you need to run your practice efficiently without managing multiple logins and monthly fees.   

This helps your firm reduce operational costs and makes financial planning more predictable.


Set Your Law Firm Up for Success with CosmoLex

With CosmoLex, law firms can revolutionize their operations, significantly improving efficiency and client service. By seamlessly integrating practice management, billing, and accounting into one powerful platform, CosmoLex eliminates inefficiencies and empowers attorneys to focus on delivering exceptional legal services.

Ensure compliance and gain peace of mind

CosmoLex goes beyond streamlining operations. It ensures that law firms remain compliant with bar association regulations, providing peace of mind as they navigate the complexities of running a successful practice. Attorneys can confidently manage their firm's financials, trust accounting, and client transactions, knowing they meet the highest legal professional standards.

Simplify your software stack and boost profitability

With CosmoLex, law firms can revolutionize their operations, significantly improving efficiency and client service. By seamlessly integrating practice management, billing, and accounting into one powerful platform, CosmoLex eliminates inefficiencies and empowers attorneys to focus on delivering exceptional legal services.

Invest in a Future of Efficiency and Success

Choosing CosmoLex means investing in a future of streamlined operations, increased efficiency, and greater profitability. Discover how our platform can revolutionize your practice, allowing you to deliver exceptional legal services while driving the success of your law firm. 

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Financial Records

Making the Switch to the CosmoLex Integrated Cloud System

Today’s lawyers want 24/7 mobile access to their practice and cutting-edge collaboration tools,  but most cloud systems require a separate accounting package, such as QuickBooks.

Using a separate billing and accounting system is problematic for law firms,  leading to duplicate data entry and error-prone data syncing between the programs, and maintaining bar association compliance with a general accounting program like QuickBooks is challenging.

With our integrated legal practice management, billing, and accounting, CosmoLex Cloud gives you cloud convenience without compromise.

Integrated Cloud System

Integrated Accounting - No QuickBooks Required.

CosmoLex Cloud has built-in trust and general accounting to eliminate the frustrations of using separate billing and accounting systems, such as:

  • Duplicate data entry. This is a time-consuming and error-prone process for lawyers, who can’t afford to waste the resources on it.
  • Poor Financial Reconciliations. Complex imports and exports that never seem to reconcile properly leave a lot of gaping holes and room for compliance violations in your books.
  • Added Cost. The cost of paying for multiple software subscriptions adds up quickly. And add to that the cost of the required training to get up and running with those systems.
  • Scattered Financial Data.With billing and accounting data scattered in different systems, you have no reliable way to get a comprehensive view of the productivity and profitability of staff, clients, or the firm as a whole.
Integrated Accounting
Trust Accounting

Compliant Trust Accounting

CosmoLex also gives you comprehensive, compliant trust accounting that keeps you audit-ready all the time. If you use QuickBooks for trust accounting, you need to be aware of critical challenges, such as:

  • QuickBooks allows client trust funds to be posted incorrectly to any
    account—even to rent or payroll.
  • No built-in protection against overdrafts or commingling.
  • Three-way reconciliation reports are not built-in. They need to be assembled manually from multiple reports, making reconciliations time-consuming and error-prone.

Compliant Client Financials

CosmoLex is designed for unique regulations pertaining to the practice of law—especially when it comes to the handling of money. Entering and tracking client-related financial transactions between Clio and QuickBooks is likely to result in struggles with actions like:

  • Accurately tracking client advances
  • Disbursement tracking, billing, and collections
  • Paying invoices from trust funds
  • Allocating payments to correct general ledger accounts
Client Financials
Financial Records

Comprehensive Financial Records

With one integrated billing, payments and accounting system, you’ll keep your finger on your firm’s financial pulse. A comprehensive set of billing, collection, payment, accounting, and staff productivity reports that are always up-to-date in real-time, allows you to always know exactly where the money is coming from and where it’s going.

Top Reasons Why You Can Trust CosmoLex

No Long-term Contracts

Change happens—we get it. That’s why we don’t lock you into a long-term contract where you’re billed annually, so you can cancel your accounting software subscription at any time, for any reason, hassle-free. We don’t force our customers to sign a binding contract—instead, most law firms simply choose to use the best legal accounting software based on our innovative practice management features.

Simple, All-inclusive Pricing

Every client gets all of our state-of-the-art software features. As new features are added to our law firm software, you automatically gain access to them—with no additional fees per user.

Used By Thousands Of Firms

CosmoLex meets the practice management needs of law firms of all sizes and practice areas. No matter the size or shape of your law firm, CosmoLex can help you manage cash flow, simplify matter management, and make better business decisions.

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