Is Your Firm Taking Advantage of Legal Technology?

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If you ask people to reel off a list of some of the most educated professions, the legal profession will undoubtedly get a mention. Educated professionals across different industries have always utilized technology to increase their business’s ability to operate efficiently.

Getting attorneys to adopt new technologies to improve the operations of their firm hasn’t always been as easy as it has in other industries. Law firms tend to face more regulations and stiffer penalties for violating those regulations than many other industries, and utilizing just any technology instead of legal specific technologies can lead to ethics violations that may even result in disbarment.

Is Your Small Firm Using Web Based Practice Management Software?

According to a 2015 study by the American Bar Association only 35% of solo and small law firms are now using web based software for law-related tasks. The math behind this statistic tells us that 65% of small firms aren’t taking advantage of legal technology that could take their firm to the next level.

Managing a law firm is no simple task. There are multiple areas of the business that need to be managed including:

In a smaller firm it is extremely likely that you do not have the personnel on staff to manage these different areas of your practice, especially when it comes to your legal accounting tasks. Some firms will try to bring in an accountant once a month, but unfortunately once a month isn’t enough, and your run of the mill accountant doesn’t have any expertise required to successfully navigate the world of legal accounting.

Catch Up To The 35% of Small Firms Taking Advantage of Web Based Practice Management

Concerns surrounding the use of technology for law firms have become outdated. Small firms that use web based legal technologies cited the following benefits:

  • Easy access to data from anywhere (78% of Small Firms)
  • 24/7 Availability (67% of Small Firms)
  • Affordability (65% of Small Firms)
  • Quick Implementation (53% of Small Firms)
  • Elimination of the need for IT Support (53% of Small Firms)
  • Robust Data & Backup Recovery (47% of Small Firms)

Your firm can start enjoying these benefits without worry too, that is of course- if you’re using the correct technology for your firm. CosmoLex delivers a legal specific web based solution that allows your firm to; manage legal calendaring & task management, your firm’s business accounting, legal time and billing, IOLTA accounting, and securely manage legal documents. All of this of course, is done with compliance in mind.
We understand your firm is your business and your livelihood, so the idea of making the leap to incorporate technology can be concerning. For that reason we’d like you to try our web based practice management software for free.


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