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Legal Calendar & Task Management

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Smart Legal Calendar & Task Manager

You might wonder what could make CosmoLex legal calendar software for law firms any better than one of the free third-party calendars. The answer is simple: Legal Calendar Software by CosmoLex can leverage its tight integration with the legal practice management and billing system to give you a smart calendar and task manager that does a lot more than you’re used to.

Link Every Meeting, Event, & Task to a Matter

The CosmoLex Calendar & Task Manager automatically connects every entry to the correct client matter. This solidifies your paper trail for every matter, making it easy to demonstrate compliance or settle a client dispute; even your internal notes are tagged to matters.

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In-Context Billing for Tasks & Meetings

Your CosmoLex Calendar & Task Manager makes sure that every billable activity gets billed. Any unassigned meeting or task will be caught by the CosmoLex Money Finder, so it can be reviewed as a possible billable item, which is then pushed into the billing system automatically. You can enter timecards and keep them attached to tasks or events for easier retrieval in case of any future dispute. Take a look at the CosmoLex Smart Calendar and Money Finder.

Better Collaboration

It’s mobile. It’s shared. And for those who like to stay with their Google Calendar, CosmoLex legal calendar software integrates with Google as well. Everyone on your team–even those beyond your firm, such as of-counsel or experts—can be included on the shared calendar. And anytime/anywhere cloud access means your CosmoLex Calendar is always with you and easy to keep current.

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Legal Calendar & Task Management - Work Flows

Custom Workflows

Most legal matters follow a standard set of tasks from open to closure. Different jurisdictions will dictate the execution of tasks in a certain order (i.e. Court Rules Calendar). Setting up dozens of tasks by hand for each matter is time-consuming and error-prone. CosmoLex allows you to create task workflows that can be easily loaded into new or existing matters. These custom workflows not only save time, but they also help maintain high-quality standards for deliverables. With your custom workflows, you can control what gets done by whom and when.