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Legal Billing & Timekeeping - 2

Capture Every Billable Activity

CosmoLex captures time and all expenses in the moment – as soon as they occur. Nothing slips through the cracks — especially with your ability to track time spent on multiple matters on-the-fly during a hectic workday… You can even flag future events (e.g. meetings, tasks) as billable. When it comes time to send the bills, all time and expenses from the current period have already been added to the invoices. Your bills will go out on time and your practice will enjoy better, faster cash flow, as well as increased profits — all with a single click.

Customizable Invoices

Your law firm has its own identity — and it will stand out with CosmoLex invoices. CosmoLex makes it easy to add logos, letterhead, individual messages, or other custom touches to ensure that your clients recognize your invoices — and pay them quickly!

Legal Billing & Timekeeping - Custom Invoices
Legal Billing & Timekeeping - 3

One-Click Billing

You’ll process invoices, past-due notices & low-retainer reminders – ALL with one simple click in CosmoLex legal timekeeping & billing system. Producing LEDES98 format Electronic Bills is easy too. When your invoices are ready, it takes just one more click to email or print them.

Built-In LawPay with No Monthly Fee

(We’ll cover the $20 LawPay monthly fee forever!) [1]

Credit card payments are a win-win for your law practice. You want faster payments and your clients appreciate the convenience of paying legal fees by credit card. CosmoLex makes it easy for you to start accepting credit card payments. For new LawPay accounts opened from within your CosmoLex application, CosmoLex will cover the standard LawPay $20 monthly fee for active LawPay users. Already have a LawPay account? No problem! Simply specify that within CosmoLex and you are all set. With CosmoLex’s end-to-end credit card processing solution, CosmoPay, trust retainer payments, online invoice payments, and daily reconciliations of received funds become a breeze.

Legal Billing & Timekeeping - CosmoPay
Legal Billing & Timekeeping - 4

Built-In Collection Functions

Billing is not revenue; payment is. Every law office grapples with non-paying or slow-paying clients. That’s why CosmoLex gives you the kind of advanced functions you need to improve your collection efforts — without the administrative headaches.

  • Invoices that clients can easily understand and pay
  • A “retainer replenishment amount” can be included as part of an invoice
  • One-click low-retainer reminders help maintain your “evergreen retainers”
  • One-click personalized overdue invoice notices
  • Credit card option makes it easy for clients to pay bills and trust retainers