What to Consider When Your Law Firm is Migrating to a New Software

What to Consider When Your Law Firm is Migrating to a New Software

As a lawyer, your goal is to provide top-notch legal services for your clients. But providing great service isn’t just about achieving winning results in the courtroom. According to the American Bar Association, a significant part of maintaining legal competence is understanding relevant technology, including the benefits and risks of use.  What does this mean for today’s law firms? Ethically … Read More

Six Essential Features in Your Legal CRM (and How to Use Them)

Six Essential Features in Your Legal CRM

Growing your law firm doesn’t happen overnight. You need legal talent, time, a plan, a carefully defined clientele, and the right tools to support your goals.   One tool that should be in your law firm tool kit is legal client relationship management (CRM) software. While your legal practice management software keeps the daily work of a law firm moving, a … Read More

4 Tips for Great Client Service

Four tips for Great Client Service

There’s no question that delivering great results for clients draws more business to your firm. But results aren’t the only factor that influences client behavior. Providing excellent client service helps your firm build client loyalty, win more referrals, and improve your reputation—all of which have a direct impact on profits.  The best way to improve your client service is by … Read More

Marketing Automation 101 for Law Firms

Marketing Automation

More than 25% of firms make the mistake of letting quality clients slip through the cracks every single day. That’s because thousands of firms fail to track leads—potential clients who click on law firm websites, call offices requesting information, or otherwise interact with legal practices online or in person.  Tracking leads is a critical step for firms to generate new … Read More