4 Tips for Great Client Service

Four tips for Great Client Service

There’s no question that delivering great results for clients draws more business to your firm. But results aren’t the only factor that influences client behavior. Providing excellent client service helps your firm build client loyalty, win more referrals, and improve your reputation—all of which have a direct impact on profits. 

The best way to improve your client service is by examining the client journey throughout your relationship. Where might problems or questions occur? According to Salesforce, 63% of customers expect your firm to anticipate their problems before they happen. To meet their expectations, you need practices and tools that minimize their issues and provide answers to their questions. 

Using the right technology can help you solve problems for clients and provide a better client service experience. To boost your client service reputation, keep these four tips in mind when interacting with clients. 

Tip #1: Make getting in touch with you simple 

One of the easiest ways to lose client business is to make it hard to get in touch with you.  

As an attorney, you’re a guide, advocate, and champion—you can’t be distant and unreachable when your clients have questions or need support. Your clients are already navigating the complex and stressful legal system, and they’re looking for legal representation that’s there for them every step of the way.  

Thankfully, you have lots of options at your disposal for making communication easy.  

Easy tools to implement include:  

  • Live chat that is staffed by a staff member, a virtual assistant, or an AI bot 
  • Online appointment booking features 
  • Lead-capturing contact forms 

(And it goes without saying, make sure your law firm website is user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and with up-to-date services, location, and contact information.)  

Even after you’ve secured their business, make sure you offer clients flexible communication options. Give them the option to text, email, or call you by using legal practice management software that integrates with a legal CRM. 

Tip #2: Respond to questions immediately 

When clients have questions, they want answers—fast. In fact, 90% of customers expect an immediate response to their questions. If clients need support, they need to know your firm will be available to help them any time, any day. The easiest way to improve your availability for clients—without answering your work phone at all hours of the day and night—is to use a secure client portal. 

A secure client portal is a great way to keep clients in the loop. Clients can securely message their attorneys directly from the portal and also access case documents and attorney notes. Instead of calling for an update on their case status, clients can check the progress on their matter online at any time and message their attorney directly with questions. 

Clients appreciate it when their needs are anticipated. To stay ahead of the question curve, set custom workflows for tasks to ensure that a firm member is available to answer questions for clients in all phases, from client intake to matter conclusion. 

Tip #3: Use a legal CRM 

Using a legal-specific CRM has many benefits for law firms. It helps you convert more leads to clients by automatically sending follow-up emails to prospective clients, and it automates some administrative tasks, increasing your capacity for billable work.  

When used effectively, a legal CRM can also greatly improve your firm’s client service. 

CRMs store client information for law firms. Populate your CRM with information that will help you best meet each client’s needs, such as client communication preferences. If there’s a specific time of day or method of communication that your clients prefer, keeping that information on file can help ensure a positive experience when questions or issues arise. 

Legal CRM can also automate client follow-up messages, sending texts, emails, or even pre-recorded voice messages to check in on clients or follow up on leads. Regularly following up with clients help prevent problems and questions before they occur, proactively improving the client service experience. 

Tip #4: Build relationships through your billing process 

The way you handle billing and payments can make or break your relationship with a client. If you’re transparent, client-focused, and responsive, it makes it easy for clients to work with you and sets your firm apart from the competition. 

Consider your legal billing strategy, to start. Do you offer pricing models that are friendly to your clients and make sense for the work you perform? Alternative billing arrangements such as flat fees, payment plans, or sliding scale models can make legal services attainable for your ideal clients.  

Make sure you lay out your invoices in a clear, easy-to-interpret way. A transparent invoice builds trust with your clients and articulates the value you’re providing. 

Additionally, accept online credit card payments. Credit cards and electronic payment options are rapidly becoming a standard client expectation across industries. By providing payment methods clients are looking for, you help more clients get their bills paid on time and avoid late fees and interest. 

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