Why do employees embezzle from their employers?

Misbah Jalal Siddiqui

Why do employees embezzle from their employers?

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Employees embezzle company funds for a variety of reasons[1][2] such as:

  1. They think that their employer wronged them somehow, e.g. passed them up for a promotion, or treated them unfairly, etc.
  2. They think that they are not being compensated fairly for the services they provide to the employer.
  3. They think that the theft won’t hurt the employer because the employer has plenty of money to spare or has insurance to cover the loss.
  4. The employer has minimal consequences for employees who steal.
  5. The employee is having financial difficulties.
  6. The employee is having family problems or is going through a divorce.
  7. The employee has a gambling or drug addiction.

You can protect your law firm from embezzlement by setting up internal controls, getting to know your employees, and looking for suspicious behavior.


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