When should I use a virtual paralegal?

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When should I use a virtual paralegal?

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Virtual Paralegal

For law firms who are unsure of whether they should hire a virtual paralegal, there are some key questions to consider during the decision-making process.

Do I have more work to get done than I can handle?

If you’re finding yourself coming close to missing deadlines because of an overwhelming workload but aren’t prepared to start turning down cases, a virtual paralegal can assist in taking some work off your plate.

How many hours of work should you to have for a virtual paralegal?

One of the benefits of virtual paralegals is that they don’t have the associated overhead that comes along with a full-time employee, such as benefits and a requirement to keep constantly busy. However, if you think you’ll have between 20 or more hours of work a week for your paralegal, it’s important to remember virtual paralegals typically work for more than one firm[1]. You’ll want to make sure they have the availability to devote the necessary time to your cases.

Do you like face-to-face interactions or need on-site work for your cases?

Virtual paralegals are unlikely to come into the office, but if you’re comfortable with working collaboratively using technology then you’ll be fine[2].

What does your cash flow look like?
Although cheaper than a traditional employee, a virtual paralegal is still an added expense so you want to crunch the numbers first to make sure you’ll be able to pay them. While it can be daunting to pay someone else for work you can do, the added time you’ll have will give you an opportunity to more productive and focus on bringing in new clients.

A virtual paralegal doesn’t work in every situation, but for lawyers who have the funds, need flexible help to support their cases and can work with a remote team member they can be a powerful resource.


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