What’s the Must-Have Tech for Law Firms?

Misbah Jalal Siddiqui

What’s the Must-Have Tech for Law Firms?

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Law firm Tech

As with any other kind of business, law firms can benefit from staying on top of tech trends in their field. Leveraging the latest tech can give them a leg up with the competition and save on an especially valuable commodity: time.

So, what are today’s emerging legal tech trends?

Live chat

Even before the pandemic, clients were increasingly seeking services online—but a year of remote living greatly accelerated that trend. Today, a law firm’s online presence matters more than ever before.[1]

Yet we’re all also aware of the potential for a prospective client to scroll through countless websites, accumulating open tabs and not actually making a decision. One way to avoid having your firm’s web page be yet another open tab is to use a live chat, which functions as a virtual receptionist.

There are many chat apps to choose from, ranging from chatbots to live operators.

Whatever you choose, having a message thread that pops up on your website is a great way for clients to ask initial questions and schedule a consultation.

Practice management

Another thing that’s changed in the last year is law firms’ use of modern, cloud-based practice management systems.

In a remote working world, law firms need practice management platforms that they can access from anywhere, on any device. They need secure online portals to share documents with clients in a way that fulfills their ethical duty to safeguard client information.[2]

And for the growing number of clients who expect to work with their lawyers from home, firms need vetted and secure messaging capabilities. Online payment options and e-signatures don’t hurt, either.

Remote ready

We live in an increasingly digital world, and today’s legal tech trends reflect that. Law firms need to be able to connect with clients online—and accommodate preferences for remote collaboration.

The solutions? Live chat and modern practice management platforms.


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