How can video conferencing help your law firm’s productivity?

Misbah Jalal Siddiqui

How can video conferencing help your law firm’s productivity?

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Video Conferencing for Law Firms

While there’s often no replacement for face-to-face communication, video conferencing can prove to be a valuable resource for law firms looking to build relationships while saving time and costs on travel.


The time spent commuting to meetings outside of the office with clients and colleagues can add up. When you eliminate the need to drive to get face-time with someone, you can then apply that time to other productive tasks[1].

In the time it would take to drive to one client meeting, you could instead take two client calls, complete a billable writing task and respond to your paralegal.

Improved communication and team-building

While video conferencing can be used to replace in-person meetings, it can also be used in place of some phone calls. Video conferencing can provide greater interaction, allowing participants to see facial expressions and engage in a way phone calls don’t allow for.

Video conferencing can also be effective for groups of large sizes to stay connected. When you have people spread out geographically and an in-person meeting can be costly or require extensive travel, you can stay regularly connected through large town-hall style meetings. If you have offices in other states, you can also consider scheduled video conferencing

Recorded information

Unlike when you meet with someone, video conferencing can provide you with a recording afterward. Be sure you’re adhering to all recording laws when doing so, but video conferencing tools typically have built-in measures to let participants know the video is being recorded to cover any potential issues.

These recordings can be used to go back and check for critical information you may have missed and can be especially helpful when meeting with clients. For example, if you’re working on a case, you want to present your best self to your client. A recording can eliminate the need to contact them for information you know they already provided.


1. 5 Ways Video Conferencing Can Improve Productivity

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