What are the best New Year’s resolutions for law firms?

Misbah Jalal Siddiqui

What are the best New Year’s resolutions for law firms?

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New Year Resolutions

You set New Year’s resolutions in your personal life – and your law firm shouldn’t be any different. Use this natural annual shift to take a step back, look at the big picture, and make plans that will help you succeed in the year ahead.

Review your practice areas

Because the pandemic has significantly changed how we live our lives each day, it has also altered our economy.[1] Many businesses have had to file for bankruptcy. And many others have flourished in surprising, new niches.

Your firm is a business, too. While taking on a new practice area may seem like a big shift, it doesn’t have to be. For instance, if your law firm already works with businesses in areas such as contracts or real estate, starting a bankruptcy practice may fit well with your firm’s current work.

Streamline your administrative tasks

This past spring we saw a big rush for firms to adjust to remote working practices. And while the shift to cloud-based technologies helped firms stay flexible and continue working when they couldn’t meet with clients in person, some things may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Working from home isn’t ending any time soon. So as we head into 2021, take a moment to consider your current practice management system. Is it streamlined? Are your billing and accounting linked? Are you doing double entry of data? If so, consider finding a system that meets all your needs and helps eliminate inefficiencies.

Ensure secure, off-site access for all information

By this point, most firms have been operating remotely for months. But are your documents, emails, and other communications secure?

Properly securing client information is a matter of compliance with physical records and is increasingly becoming so with digital records, too.[2] To access information securely, use available technology, such as secure client portals – which require a login and password for access to documents, commenting, and messages from anywhere and any device.[3]

With 2021 almost here, take a moment to set your firm’s goals for the new year. Assess your practice areas, reduce repetitive administrative tasks, and make sure your communications are secure.


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