How can our law firm automate document creation?

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How can our law firm automate document creation?

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Document Creation

Every law firm has to find the balance between doing the tasks needed to run a law firm and having time to do the work that makes the law firm’s existence possible.

As technology has developed, one of the ways in which law firms are addressing this issue is through saving time with routine tasks like document creation. After all, the less tasks you need to do yourself, the more time you have for other work.[1]

Begin with templates

In almost any area of law, firms regularly create matter and client-related documents that are very similar from one to the next, including affidavits, depositions, correspondence, judgments, receipts, collections, checks, and more.

Creating templates, or standardized sample documents, for these situations helps save time by eliminating the potential inconsistencies and time drains associated with making these documents anew every time they’re needed.

However, for documents that include many matter or client-specific details, law firms need to rely on software that can intelligently fill in individual information.

Merge information

Once a template has been created, firms with modern practice management systems can then merge (sometimes referred to as “auto populate”) templates with specific client or matter information.

This step allows for customization while still creating an accurate legal document. In fact, one of the important benefits to using document automation is that it decreases the likelihood of error because the document in question is based off of a well-written template—not a rushed, individual product.

Maximize time

Increasingly, today’s law firms are automating document creation for matter, client, transaction, or invoice information.

Rather than spending days drafting a single document, your firm can create many of your most commonly used documents in minutes. Not only can use reduce the likelihood of common mistakes, but it can create more time for billable tasks.

With automated document creation, you can practice better time management and focus more on your priorities.[2]


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