How can my law firm provide extra client value?

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How can my law firm provide extra client value?

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Provide Extra Value to Client

Running a successful law firm requires satisfied clients. To offer an even more impactful and positive customer experience, consider implementing a few “value added” factors that go beyond the practice of the law. Although some ways to add value do have costs associated with them, firms don’t always need to spend funds or valuable time to give clients that little extra value[1].

Increased updates and communications

Firms are constantly working on keeping their client’s case moving forward, but that work isn’t always communicated to the client. It’s important to send frequent updates to let your client know you haven’t forgotten about them or their matter. If there’s something stalling progress and there’s no update to provide, you should still reach out to keep them apprised of the situation.

Client portals

To support the above goal of increased communication as well as provide clients easy access to documents, not to mention secure messaging, put a client portal into place. Many practice management solutions come with this feature, and taking the time to set it up can make it easier to keep in touch while letting your clients feel like they can see what’s happening with their case at any time.

Streamline processes

Review your on-boarding as well as case completion processes. Is there anything you can do to make your client’s life easier? Consider online forms, scheduling tools and putting together pre-packaged common documents for cases.

Know your client and be proactive

Knowing details about your clients’ personal lives and businesses not only shows you listen and value them but also puts you in a position to proactively reach out. Even if you’re not working on a current case for them, knowing their challenges and opportunities can allow you to be a better resource[2].


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