What is hosted cloud?

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What is hosted cloud?

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Hosted Cloud

Hosted cloud is a way to take advantage of some of the benefits of the cloud while still using traditional in-office hardware. When using a hosted cloud system, the setup, software, infrastructure, and security are all maintained by a vendor and hosted on a server located elsewhere. The result is essentially a desktop you can access via the cloud, with the ability to log in from a variety of devices.

This method of cloud usage lets firms continue to use the same hardware they’ve used in the past, offering a level of familiarity. This method allows firms to scale without needing to install extensive software for every new staff member[1]. Additionally, firms don’t need to maintain their own software and security updates or be responsible for server maintenance with this method.

Hosted cloud provides the additional benefit of not having to worry about conducting backups, as that responsibility belongs to the vendor. However, firms are still responsible for the maintenance of any hardware used. Also, the devices that can be used are often limited to compatible tools.

Additional limitation issues with the software itself will continue to arise, as the programs remain the same as what’s used on an in-office, server-based system. This type of system can also prove to be expensive, as the third-party responsibilities contribute to higher associated costs[2].


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