What are the advantages to storing my law firm’s files in the cloud?

Misbah Jalal Siddiqui

What are the advantages to storing my law firm’s files in the cloud?

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Cloud Storage

Law firms that want to maintain exclusive control over their electronic data may choose to store their data on an in-house server kept onsite at the firm’s location. But for firms that are not as concerned about exclusively controlling their electronic data, there are many advantages to using cloud file storage such as[1][2]:

  1. Cost Savings
    1. A reduction in IT costs because you no longer have to pay to set up, maintain, or back up your servers
    2. Scalability of costs as you only purchase the data amount that you currently need
    3. Ability to avoid purchasing costly hardware which will quickly become obsolete
  2. Better Accessibility
    1. Employees can work from any location where they have access to a computer
    2. Clients can easily share files that cannot be emailed because they are too large or contain confidential information
  3. Disaster Recovery
    1. In the event of a computer failure or natural disaster, employees can be up and running on a new computer as quickly as you can provide internet access to it
    2. You will never lose data because your files are backed up to the cloud in real-time
  4. Better Security
    1. Reputable online data storage companies are able to afford more robust physical security measures than a solo practitioner or small firm can afford
    2. Many reputable online data storage companies can also afford cutting edge security technologies, such as 2-factor authentication for logging in and encryption of files at rest on the server[3]


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