What’s the Best Workflow Management Software for Law Firms?

Misbah Jalal Siddiqui

What’s the Best Workflow Management Software for Law Firms?

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Workflow Management Software

As a business, it’s always good to look for new ways to improve your workflows. After all, your time is valuable—and the more hours you save, the more billable work you can do.

Your practice management software can have a big impact on the course of your day by working with you—or leaving you with more tasks. So, what should you look for?

Decreasing repetitive tasks

One of the first things to look for in a practice management system is the technology to automate repetitive tasks.

For instance, instead of sending out bills individually, your practice management system can help you streamline your invoice process with batch billing. Filter and deliver according to set parameters—and make the most of electronic finalization. Batch billing and delivery can set you up to generate and send invoices in minutes—and save you hours.

Likewise, automated reminders can help clients pay more promptly. And they can remove some of the time and stress around following up on collections.

Whether they’re coming out of your own work hours or you’re paying someone else to do them, repetitive tasks eat into the workday—over and over.[1] So look for a practice management system that lets you automate.

Integrated billing and accounting

Fully integrated billing and accounting improves workflows by saving you time and reducing the likelihood of error.

For example, when an invoice gets paid, that payment needs to be updated in your billing platform and accounting. If your billing and accounting aren’t linked, then you and your team have to do the updating, creating unnecessary data entry and opening up more opportunities for human error.

What’s even better than integrated billing and accounting? Having your online credit card payment platform integrated too! Imagine sending out bulk invoices that clients can pay online, by clicking a link and entering their credit card information—and then having the received payment update across your billing and accounting platforms, all without more work by you.

That level of convenience is now fully available to law firms—without risking ethics violations.

Versatile access options

Finally, in today’s remote-working world, you should be able to work from anywhere, on any device.[2]

Make sure your practice management system offers secure options and seamless updates for working from your phone, home, or office.


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