Workflow Optimization: Making the Most of CosmoLex’s Practice Management Capabilities

Workflow Optimization Making the Most of CosmoLex's Practice Management Capabilities

Have you ever felt like there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done at your law firm? Maybe you’re drowning in paperwork, struggling to keep up with client communications, or spending time toggling between multiple software to manage your practice.  

You’re not alone. Hundreds of law firms are in your exact same shoes.  

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution: CosmoLex’s legal practice management software. 

This fully integrated solution streamlines every facet of your practice from the first client interaction to the final invoice, all within a single platform. These comprehensive features streamline processes, enhance the entire client lifecycle, and support growth and profitability with every workflow. 

1. Seamless client onboarding

CosmoLex can transform disjointed, chaotic onboarding workflows into a simple process where every phase flows together. Its robust legal client relationship management (CRM) platform allows for efficient client onboarding by automating the grunt work that bogs down so many practices. 

Easy client communication 

Cosmolex makes it easier to nurture client relationships. Missed a call? No problem! CosmoLex CRM can send personalized follow-up messages via email or text so that prospects feel immediately attended to 

With features that enable text and video messaging, CosmoLex meets clients where they are—on their phones—providing a modern client experience. You can even send eSignature requests via text so clients can complete onboarding without disrupting their lives. 

Automated client intake 

As part of its legal CRM module, CosmoLex offers cloud-based, customizable online forms that gather the information your firm needs from the get-go. Thanks to logic-based questions, these forms can qualify leads and ensure you’re focusing on the right clients for your practice.  

Because CosmoLex is fully integrated, you don’t have to worry about double data entry! All data collected syncs automatically with your practice management module in CosmoLex. 

2. Efficient task and calendar coordination

Once you onboard a client, it’s time to get to work. CosmoLex includes robust task and calendar management features that ensure that no step or deadline gets missed. 

Task management 

Task management can take up a lot of your time. To save your billable hours for client work, CosmoLex allows you to build custom workflows that you can apply to new or existing matters. This level of control over what gets done, by whom, and when, streamlines deliverability and allows you to operate at peak efficiency. 

CosmoLex’s approach to task management also helps with compliance and client dispute resolution. For example, the Money Finder feature captures any unassigned meeting or task for review as a potential billable item. The result: you can both maximize billing opportunities and mitigate client disputes.  

Calendar coordination 

Collaborating on tasks through a calendar is easier than ever before with CosmoLex Calendar. Each user can contribute to a shared firm calendar, which allows you to: 

  • Customize user access 
  • Track and complete pending tasks from calendar view 
  • Create events and invite participants 
  • Link events to specific matters 
  • Manage calendar event reminders 
  • Communicate via comments on calendar events 

…all within the team calendar! These features integrate task management directly with your calendar so that you can not only track deadlines but actively manage and meet them.


Six Essential Features in Your Legal CRM (and How to Use Them)

While your legal practice management software keeps the daily work of a law firm moving, legal CRM software makes it easier to bring in new clients, engage current clients, and increase your profits. But not all legal CRMs are created equal. Look for these six features when choosing a legal CRM—and put them to work for your law firm.

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Six Essential Features in Your Legal CRM

3. Mastering document administration

Tired of the endless search through cluttered folders or the constant back-and-forth emails just to find that one critical document? CosmoLex facilitates organization and collaboration on legal documents through LexShare. 

With secure file-sharing through LexShare, you can send, request, and receive documents directly within CosmoLex so that sensitive information is always at your fingertips no matter where you are.  

Our matter-centric approach keeps every document aligned with its respective matter to simplify organization and retrieval. This system reduces the need for printing, scanning, and storing documents.  

Furthermore, our integrated document management tools allow for seamless operations across your firm. Gone are the days of toggling between various tabs and programs. Now, every necessary action—from sending business documents to requesting electronic signatures—happens within the platform.  

4. Precision in billing and mastery over timekeeping 

Every legal professional knows the dread of meticulously tracking every billable hour and expense, and then creating accurate, compliant invoices. Not to mention those month-end billing cycles—the painstaking manual entry, inevitable errors, and precious hours lost that could’ve been spent on billable activities.  

Through its innovative billing and timekeeping features, CosmoLex practice management software transforms these formerly tedious, error-prone processes into a works-every-time workflow. 

Time and expense capture 

CosmoLex ensures billing precision and excellence in timekeeping with its intuitive time and expense capture tools, including: 

  • Cloud-based capabilities: The ability to enter time and expenses on the go from any device so you can capture billable hours and expenses as they happen—whether you’re in the office, court, or anywhere between. 
  • Money Finder: Scans for unbilled time on completed tasks and attaches each task to a time entry and matter, which makes sure nothing slips through the cracks, eliminates billing disputes, and organizes cases. 
  • Compliant cost tracking: Simplifies invoicing compliance so every penny spent is accounted for accurately. 
  • Automated time tracking: With rapid time capture across matters and clients, lost billable hours are a thing of the past. 

How have these features worked for other firms? An Ontario law firm benefited from streamlined invoicing, increased transparency with clients, and a more effective project management framework. 

Advanced invoicing 

CosmoLex takes legal invoicing to the next level with customizable invoices that cater to each client’s unique billing arrangements and preferences.  

From generating personalized, branded invoice templates that detail every aspect of the billing cycle to integrated payment processors, to supporting all UTBMS codes for precise legal billing, CosmoLex completely streamlines your invoicing workflows. You can even send them via email and SMS to make paying as easy as possible. 

Legal billing software 

Finally, CosmoLex’s billing software simplifies the monthly billing process with batch email invoices and one-click billing features that allow you to generate and send invoices to all your clients simultaneously. 

5. Informed decision-making through reporting and analytics

CosmoLex offers robust reporting and analytic tools so you can cut through the data collected during daily operations and focus on what matters. It empowers firms with practice-wide visibility with a suite of analytics and reports encompassing:  

  • Accounting (such as profit and loss reports, write-offs, expenses, accounts payable, etc.) 
  • Accounting (Matters) 
  • Class-based reporting 
  • Banking 
  • Billing 
  • Collection 
  • Financial productivity 
  • Matter activities 
  • Trust 
  • Tax collection/payment (if enabled) 
  • Law Society Compliance Docs (if in Canada) 

No matter what metrics you need, our filtering capabilities allow you to tailor the information to your needs. Downloadable in both Excel and PDF formats, these reports ensure that every decision you make is backed by accurate, timely data, serving as a foundation for strategic planning and growth. 

Optimize your law firm workflows with Cosmolex 

With CosmoLex’s practice management software, you can streamline and optimize your law firm’s workflows throughout the entire client lifecycle, from the time they first contact you until they receive their invoice.  

To initiate the process of implementing and maximizing the benefits of CosmoLex for workflow optimization, you can start by scheduling a demo or signing up for a free trial.


Six Essential Features in Your Legal CRM (and How to Use Them)

While your legal practice management software keeps the daily work of a law firm moving, legal CRM software makes it easier to bring in new clients, engage current clients, and increase your profits. But not all legal CRMs are created equal. Look for these six features when choosing a legal CRM—and put them to work for your law firm.

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Six Essential Features in Your Legal CRM

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