Will Technology Destroy The Legal Profession?

Why should someone hire a lawyer when a website can do the same thing for $19.99? Wait! Before you attorneys start screaming at us, we are merely being rhetorical. Of course a random internet form is not going to be as effective as an experienced specialist, just like a paralegal from a bankruptcy mill isn’t going to give the same service as a qualified attorney with years of experience. However the legal industry can’t ignore the potential impact of legal software.

Software Will Change The Profession

The fact is, these applications are here and will only grow more sophisticated. Sticking your head in the sand and saying, “But they aren’t really attorneys,” won’t stop clients from leaving. You know you can give better advice than a downloadable form, but some clients are willing to make do with inexpensive legal services. Law practices are going to have to accept that some of their bread and butter matters like small business incorporation or simple divorces are going to disappear. That doesn’t have to spell the end of the practice, but it is going to require some changes.

Attorneys aren’t the first profession to be affected by the easy information access of the internet, and they won’t be the last. The industries that survive will be the ones that learn to adapt to and even embrace the new technology.

Do Things Better, Faster And Cheaper

Rather than seeing technology as an enemy, see it as an ally. Clients are going to use better software? Then you better use better software as well. Streamlining your practice by using law firm billing software and other technology will allow you to provide the same services more efficiently. When you cut your administrative overhead, you can offer better fees without actually hurting your bottom line.

Focus On What You Do Better

There will always be a place for qualified attorneys. Complex child custody cases, criminal matters and trust administration are examples of tasks that can’t be performed by some slick iPad app. In these areas technology can help as well. For example, CosmoLex’s built in trust fund software simplifies trust administration as well as reducing the chance of making mistakes and providing an audit trail for outside inspectors.

We realize that not all attorneys are quick to embrace new technology, which is why we have designed CosmoLex to be easily usable no matter what your technical background is. We handle details such as updates and maintenance so you can focus on providing effective representation for your clients. Sign up now and get a leg up on competing technology with CosmoLex.

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