Why Are Team Calendars So Important To A Small Law Firm?

One of the many features added to CosmoLex version 2.0 is a team calendar function. This might seem like a small feature for law practice management software, but it’s actually a tool that can enormously increase the efficiency of a small practice.

When it comes to coordinating schedules within a firm, you have a few options.

Individual Calendars – Each person has an individual calendar function on the desktop. The problem is that when Bill and Harry and Alice need to meet, each of them has to look at a calendar. Bill sends a list of possible times and dates to Harry. Harry crosses off times that conflict and sends the shorter list to Alice. None of those dates work for her so she makes a new list, which goes to Bill, and so on round and round. It’s slow and inefficient.

Enterprise Calendars – There are a number of team calendar programs that work over an office network. Each person can look at the master calendar and coordinate their schedules. However, this means the practice has to invest in an expensive server and enterprise software, as well as bring in an IT consultant to set it all up. That ends up being a lot of money that most small law firms can’t afford.

Cloud-Based Calendars – Today many companies are looking at online calendar applications such as Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar or Microsoft Office 365 Outlook. While this is a possible option for law practices, the downside is these calendars are completely separate applications. You have to flip back and forth between your practice management software to see case information, and the calendar app to actually schedule a meeting.

CosmoLex Team Calendar – With a team calendar functionality built into your practice management and legal billing program, you can easily coordinate case management across the firm. It’s much easier to synchronize the needs of a particular matter with the schedules of the attorneys, paralegals and support staff involved. You spend less time trying to plan a meeting and more time actually accomplishing things.

Situations like this are why you need a fully-integrated law firm management software product like CosmoLex. Yes, you could cobble together a haphazard practice management solution from other products but you will spend so much time trying to get everything to work together you won’t have time to meet with clients! Try CosmoLex, the only fully integrated practice management solution for solo and small legal practices.

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