Professionalism Must Go Beyond The Courtroom

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People respect attorneys. When someone hires an attorney they know it will be an investment, and they expect to be dealt with in a professional manner. Very rarely is this a problem when it comes to an attorney’s role and actions in the courtroom but once a lawyer begins managing their own firm, professionalism has to go beyond the courtroom.

The image of your practice or firm is huge. If you begin to build a reputation that is anything less than professional, existing clients won’t come back and you can forget about generating any new business.

While you can’t rely entirely on your performance in the courtroom to create a well-respected professional image for your firm, you can employ legal technology that makes the image building outside of the courtroom much easier.

Law Practice Management Technology Protects Your Firm’s Image

By employing the best law practice management solutions, you can ensure that your firm operates with the utmost professionalism in everything that they do. A well-respected firm needs to exemplify professionalism in their legal billing and accounting, marketing, and client management.

Professional Legal Billing & Accounting With Practice Management Software

CosmoLex’s practice management software not only makes legal billing and accounting easier on your firm, it handles these extremely important functions of your practice in a professional manner. CosmoLex allows your clients to make payments via credit card, and can even handle voids and chargebacks without issue.

Invoicing is such an important component of any firm’s business. Without it, you’d never get paid. Professional looking invoices that are easy to read and understand are more likely to get paid than a bill written on a napkin. CosmoLex allows your firm to brand professionally designed invoices to send to your clients.

Professional Legal Marketing With Practice Management Software

Legal marketing is crucial in your firm’s ability to generate new business. Firms who are able to track income by case type or practice area can make better decisions in how and where they spend their marketing dollars to generate clients in practice areas that yield the greatest return.

Professional Client Management With A Client Portal

How you communicate with your clients goes a long way in creating a favorable reputation for your legal practice. CosmoLex has created a client portal that streamlines, organizes, and secures communication both with your clients and inside of your firm. The client portal allows firms to share meetings, tasks, documents, invoices, and even messages directly with your client and tie them back to the related matter. This creates an easy way for your client to remain in constant with your firm and allows members of your firm to easily access client information whenever they need to. By not having to fumble around for information your clients need, they’ll get the impression that your firm is always prepared and ready to serve them.

While the client portal increases the ease in which both you and your clients can find the information you need, CosmoLex has also taken the appropriate steps to secure all communication. This means only authorized users, both inside and outside of your firm can access different communications, documents, and information pertaining to casework.

Implementing CosmoLex’s legal practice management system at your firm ensures that all of the administrative tasks at your firm are done in a professional manner. Try it for free and your firm will instantly start improving how it is perceived by your clients, just as long as you don’t slack off in the courtroom.


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