Paper Checks In a Paperless World

There may never be a truly paperless legal practice. Although law firm billing software like CosmoLex takes the place of a lot of old paper-based billing, there are always going to be times you need to print paper checks. CosmoLex’s built-in check printing capabilities makes that easy.

Can Other Cloud Based Software Print Checks?

Some software developers become so obsessed with the cloud that they forget about life back here on Earth. There are a lot of advantages to converting records to a digital format — easier backup, lower expenses, fewer trees cut down, etc. — but there are times you need to print something out on paper. When reviewing legal office management software, be sure to look for the capability to print paper checks. You don’t want to have to waste time scribbling out handwritten payments.

Professional Quality Checks

A professional image is important to an attorney. Handwriting amounts on checks with pictures of puppies on them probably isn’t going to send the image you desire — even if you deal in pet law. When you need to print out a disbursement, you need crisply printed checks on high-quality laser stock. Take a look at a sample of our checks to see what we mean. This stock has been designed specifically with CosmoLex in mind so you know everything is going to be lined up and print correctly.

Standard and Voucher Checks

CosmoLex uses the two most common types of business check formats: standard and voucher. Standard checks are sheets of checks, three to a page, that have no stub. This is a great way to save paper and money. You already have an electronic record so you don’t need a stub for your own documentation.

However when using the trust account software features of CosmoLex we recommend you use voucher checks. These checks print a check and two stubs on each page. One stub is for you and the other is for the check recipient. Trust account management requires a very careful paper train in case of audit so the extra documentation doesn’t hurt.

Professional quality check printing is just one of the dozens of CosmoLex features that include integrated trust accounting, matter-based billing and bank-grade security. Explore our website or contact one of our agents to find out other ways that CosmoLex helps you run a more efficient legal practice.

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