Making the Move to Modern Practice Management


As more and more firms leave their desktops behind, it’s clear the future of law lies with cloud-based software. While the ability to work from anywhere, anytime is one of the largest reasons for the transition, lawyers must consider much more when deciding which cloud-based practice management program to go with. Maximize the benefits to your firm and your billable hours by looking for an advanced, modern practice management solution with integrated accounting, billing, and timekeeping.


Transform Your Firm

Cloud-based programs like CosmoLex harness the power of the most sophisticated desktop systems without the IT headaches, giving your team the power to work anywhere. Make your current law office workflows more efficient, streamline the firm’s processes and reduce compliance concerns all through one tool. The switch to the right cloud-based system positively impacts every area of your firm:


Increase mobility

Your legal staff can work from anywhere, anytime on any device. Even off-site staff, including bookkeepers, will be able to work no matter where they’re located.


Eliminate IT Headaches & Stay Competitive

Cloud-based solutions help to eliminate many of the IT headaches experienced regularly with desktops. Reduce downtime and save money with automatic updates. Keep your firm competitive as your firm grows — a cloud-based solution can easily scale to keep up and stay on the cutting-edge with software that will automatically update to make sure you’re using only the latest and greatest, giving you a competitive advantage over firms using dated on-premise programs.


Improve Practice Management

Streamline processes to increase efficiency with automated workflows, third-party integrations and matter-linked items. Get more done in less time when it comes to calendaring, task tracking and keeping notes and documents. Client communication becomes easier than ever before and the use of client portals take customer satisfaction one step further.


Make billing & collections more effective

Law firm billing takes up considerable time between docket entry, pre-bill review, invoice generation, and delivery and receiving payments. Run a more efficient billing process with mobile and web access, periodic collection reminders and fully integrated payment options.


Ensure trust accounting compliance

IOLTA trust accounting can be complicated. Ensuring compliance involves the proper handling of individual client ledgers, invoice payments from trust accounts, monthly reconciliations and regularly scheduled reports. Built-in safeguards to avoid trust accounting violations, automated reconciliations and easily generated reports give peace of mind knowing your staff is staying compliant.


Simplify accounting

Accounts payable, disbursements, income allocation, and fee distribution are often the most time-consuming pieces of accounting. Take back those valuable hours with any time, anywhere bookkeeper access, foolproof legal accounting and the ability to quickly run accurate, real-time reports.

The benefits of a cloud-based program make it easy to see why so many lawyers are making the switch from desktops, but it’s important to choose the program that’s right for your firm. Choosing a new practice management program shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Keep your practice competitive with an advanced software that makes it easy to perform your daily tasks, saves you time and gives you the technology to scale with growth and advances.


Start 2019 off on the right foot by taking your firm to the next level. To learn more about harnessing the power of cloud-based software, check out our “Making The Move To Modern Practice Management Software” webinar.


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