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Secure Client Portal - Messaging

Secure Client Messaging

Keeping client records and communication secure is of critical importance—and it’s a responsibility that rests squarely with your firm. When client communication is loose (phone calls, emails, texts, etc.), accountability is vague and security is lost. With CosmoLex’s Client Portal, you, your staff, and your clients can use a two-way messaging system entirely within the tight security of CosmoLex Cloud, and all communication is logged within your CosmoLex Matter Records.

Secure Document Exchanges

Once a client joins your CosmoLex Client Portal, they can view and pay invoices offline, or online if you accept credit card payments. Clients can also upload documents, which are automatically stored within the correct CosmoLex matter. The document is then properly marked in a pre-designated Client Folder so its origination is clearly defined. You will also be instantly notified when a client uploads a document as part of a daily summary of client activities.

Secure Client Portal - Document Exchange
Secure Client Portal Screen 4

You Are Always In Control

The Client Portal allows you to control each and every aspect of privacy and permissions to avoid revealing matter records to the wrong client. And clients are only able to view these records; they can’t alter them. Each shared record displays a special icon in to ensure that you always know what is being shared and what is not. You can revoke access to a single record, an entire group of items, or even the entire portal if necessary.