CosmoLex Is Like Hiring A Team Of Experts

Solo attorneys face a dilemma: you can’t afford to hire someone to help with office administration, and yet every hour you spend on trivial jobs is an hour you aren’t billing a client. CosmoLex law office management software is like having a full staff with a salary of only a few dollars a month.


You don’t need to hand off time cards or expense receipts to a bookkeeper for entry into your legal billing system. CosmoLex’s three-click entry system lets you enter your time in a few seconds. Generate all outstanding invoices with a single click. Produce late payment reminders with a single click. Perform monthly bank reconciliations in minutes. Know that your books are always up to date with only a few minutes of your time each day.

Personal Assistant

A bookkeeper might add up the numbers but a personal assistant keeps everything organized. Client management is a snap, no matter how many matters and how many clients you have. See at a glance which matters are unbilled and unpaid, giving you a 360-degree view of your practice’s finances. Generate reports, including three-way reconciliations required by most states for trust account management, with a few clicks.

Trust Account Manager

Trust account administration is more complicated than standard office bookkeeping, which is why some firms have an employee whose sole job is to manage trust accounts. CosmoLex includes a trust accounting system that streamlines the complexities of trust and retainer management so you can handle it without outside help.

IT Expert

Technology can save you money, but not if those savings are poured into the salaries of the specialized technicians necessary to operate it. This is not a problem with CosmoLex. We handle all the IT aspects so you don’t have to worry about installation, updates, system compatibility, security or backups. You are always using the latest version without needing to download and install software patches. You can access your accounts from any desktop or laptop computer including Macs, from any tablet computer or even from your smartphone.

For a low fee every month — less than you charge for an hour of your time! — you get the equivalent of all these employees and more. Right now we are offering a 15% lifetime discount to new subscribers. You get a break on our already low prices as long as you remain a subscriber. This offer expires on May 31, 2014 so order now!

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