When It Comes To Billing, Ignorance Is Not Bliss

As an attorney you want to spend your time helping clients, not poring over your books. However if you don’t keep an eye on your practice’s finances you won’t have a practice for long. Billing doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming with a tool like CosmoLex legal billing software.

Don’t Ignore The Situation

You work. You invoice. The client pays. That’s how billing should work. Unfortunately the world of business doesn’t operate that smoothly. Not all clients pay on time. Some forget about the bill. Others are strapped financially. A few simply don’t want to pay. You can’t afford to let the situation go. Even the most honest, well intentioned clients need a nudge now and then.

However going over every matter on the books, figuring out which ones are overdue, and then creating and sending reminders wastes far too much of your time. Not only that but you need to differentiate clients by how behind they are. A matter that’s 30 days overdue warrants an email remainder. A matter that’s 90 days overdue is probably worth a phone call. Something that’s gone 180 days might be worth turning over to a collection agency.

CosmoLex Makes It Easy

CosmoLex billing software for attorneys streamlines the process so you can quickly and easily send out reminders. Simply click on “Activities” at the top of the page, and then on the “Invoices” tab. Here you see a list of all current invoices. Click “Action” and then “Email Reminder(s)” to bring up a list of overdue accounts.

You can filter the list by the age of the account so you can quickly see who is a little overdue and who is a lot overdue and need a more personal touch. You can also filter by balance amount. It might not be worth dunning someone over $5 but you probably want to follow up on $500. Select the accounts you want to send reminders on — click the box at the top of the column to select them all — and then click the “Email” button to automatically generate reminder emails.

Billing doesn’t have to be tricky or time consuming. With law firm management software like CosmoLex, you can stay on top of your accounts and keep the cash flowing into your practice.

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