Cloud-Based Tools To Complement CosmoLex

CosmoLex has all the time tracking, billing and trust administration features an attorney needs, but you need other tools for your practice. Maybe you’ve discovered how much you enjoy the flexibility of a cloud-based law office billing program and are looking for other tools. Here are a few other cloud software categories you might want to investigate.

Document Authoring

If you work on documents with clients, other attorneys or anyone else, then it gets pretty tiresome constantly emailing Word documents back and forth. For long-distance collaboration a cloud-based office suite would be, well, sweet! Probably the most well-known document collaboration tool is Google Docs, which allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. Other options would include Microsoft’s Office Web Apps, which is very easy to use for anyone familiar with Microsoft’s desktop suite, or Zoho Docs, a simpler but fast document collaboration tool.

File Sharing

Sending someone a file through email is not only insecure, but some data files such as video clips can quickly become so large that email programs simply choke on them. Cloud services like Dropbox (not to be confused with Box, another file-sharing service), Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive give you a shared space where authorized users can save or edit files of any type. Not only is this helpful for collaboration, but it also allows you to store documents for yourself in a central location so you can access them from any computer. These services provide a level of security that email doesn’t have, so your sensitive files are safe.


Backups have always been important, but as we move closer to the paperless office a robust archive solution becomes indispensible. Your documents are too important to lose to a failed hard drive, undetected virus or office fire. Backups used to be a difficult process involving magnetic tapes, and then became a little easier with the advent of optical disks and flash drives. However the problem was that you still had to actively be involved, even if it just meant sticking a drive in the USB port, and it was easy to forget to do it.

A good backup solution should be redundant, remote and effortless. CosmoLex law practice management software automatically backs up your billing information in redundant backups, but that doesn’t help with your other critical files. Cloud-based backup solutions such as SOS Online Backup, Carbonite, Backblaze and countless others automatically back up your files as often as you like, and store the archives in professional managed datacenters with redundant media and top grade physical and digital security.

Maybe CosmoLex billing software for attorneys was your first foray into the cloud or maybe you’ve been keeping information online since before the buzzword “cloud” was coined. In any case, investigate all your online options to find new ways to give your practice the flexibility and mobility you need.

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