Get Going and Keep Growing with Lawyer’s Business Suite from CosmoLex

Get Going and Keep Growing with Lawyer's Business Suite from CosmoLex

Running a law firm in the digital age poses unique challenges. From attracting new clients to managing your leads, cases, time, billing, and accounting, a successful law firm needs more than just a team of skilled lawyers.  

It requires effective systems in place to ensure smooth operations.  

Fortunately, there’s a solution that can streamline these processes and accelerate your firm’s growth: CosmoLex Lawyer’s Business Suite.  

This powerful software suite offers everything law firms need to get going and keep growing, all under one platform and at a fraction of the cost.  

Let’s explore. 

What is Lawyer’s Business Suite? 

Lawyer’s Business Suite is a comprehensive software suite from CosmoLex designed specifically for law firms. It bundles the most crucial tools into a single platform: legal accounting, trust accounting, practice management, file-sharing and eSignature tools, CosmoLex CRM, CosmoLexPay, and CosmoLex Websites 

This fully integrated approach eliminates the need for multiple software platforms, saving time and reducing the complexity of managing critical software for your law firm’s operations.  

With CosmoLex, law firms can run their entire practices more efficiently, improving client experience and gaining more control over their practices. 

Keep your financials in check with legal accounting 

One of the core components of CosmoLex’s Lawyer’s Business Suite is its robust legal accounting feature.  

Legal accounting is subject to strict rules and regulations, and CosmoLex’s accounting software helps law firms easily navigate these complexities. It automates many accounting tasks, reduces the risk of errors, and ensures compliance with legal accounting regulations. 

A standout feature of CosmoLex’s legal accounting software is its ability to handle trust accounting. This critical aspect of legal accounting requires meticulous record-keeping and strict compliance with ABA regulations. CosmoLex simplifies the process, providing tools to maintain legal-specific trust accounting alongside back-office accounting. The baked-in compliance safeguards ensure that you manage client funds accurately and ethically. 

With CosmoLex’s legal accounting software, law firms can: 

  • Track billable hours and expenses 
  • Automate invoice generation 
  • Capture time on the go 
  • Prevent revenue leakage with the Money Finder tool 
  • Maintain legal-specific trust and back-office accounting 
  • Analyze your firm’s performance with over 100 reporting options 

Beyond the comprehensive financial management, CosmoLex’s legal accounting software integrates seamlessly with other systems, ensuring a smooth exchange of data across all platforms. This interconnectedness enhances efficiency and paves the way for a more holistic approach to managing a law firm. 

Streamline your operations with practice management software 

Beyond legal accounting, CosmoLex’s Lawyer’s Business Suite also includes a comprehensive practice management tool.  

This feature allows law firms to manage their cases, calendars, emails, and documents in one place. It offers a matter-centric approach, connecting every entry to the appropriate client matter so that everyone on the team stays on the same page, enhancing productivity and collaboration. 

The practice management tool also features the following: 

  • Document management and creation to save time and enhance security 
  • Calendar management and workflows to ensure deliverables are produced on time 
  • A user-friendly dashboard offering a snapshot of the firm’s operational health 
  • Trust accounting tools to manage and maintain compliance automatically 

In addition to streamlining operations, CosmoLex’s practice management tool also serves as a stepping stone toward business growth. Its integrated features enhance internal efficiency and help build stronger client relationships through improved communication and service delivery.  

Enhance collaboration with secure file-sharing and eSignature 

In the digital age, the ability to share files securely and obtain electronic signatures is vital for the smooth operation of a law firm. CosmoLex offers a feature-rich solution that addresses these needs. 

With CosmoLex’s secure filesharing and eSignature features, law firms can: 

  • Share sensitive documents securely, ensuring client confidentiality and data protection 
  • Obtain legally binding electronic signatures quickly and conveniently, accelerating the process of finalizing agreements 
  • Send secure links via email, making it easy for clients to access and sign documents 
  • Save time and resources by reducing the need for physical document handling and in-person meetings 

Integrating secure file-sharing and electronic signatures into CosmoLex’s platform not only enhances the efficiency of law firms but also elevates the client experience.  

Simplifying and speeding up the process of document handling and agreement finalization allows law firms to focus more on their core legal work and client service. This seamless and efficient approach to document management is just one way CosmoLex supports your law firm’s growth.  

Grow your client base with legal firm CRM 

Client relationship management (CRM) is crucial to growing a law firm. CosmoLex’s Lawyer’s Business Suite includes a legal-specific CRM tool to help firms streamline client intake, track prospective clients, and keep current clients engaged. 

Using CosmoLex CRM, you can: 

  • Determine your most profitable marketing campaigns 
  • Automate your outreach 
  • Establish customized text and email drip campaigns 
  • Stay top-of-mind when clients need your services 

CosmoLex’s CRM tool is instrumental in nurturing client relationships and growing your client base, and its automation features deliver better communication in less time. Another important part of providing great client service is offering a smooth and efficient payment process, and CRM’s ability to improve outreach is complemented by the ease of transactions through CosmoLex Pay. 

Make payments easy with CosmoLexPay 

Getting paid for your work shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why CosmoLex’s Lawyer’s Business Suite includes CosmoLexPay, an end-to-end electronic payment processing tool. It makes it easier for law firms to get paid, improving cash flow and client service. 

With CosmoLexPay, law firms can: 

  • Accept credit cards and electronic payments 
  • Schedule recurring payments 
  • Ensure compliance with the payment card industry (PCI), ABA, and IOLTA 
  • Integrate with your CosmoLex account 

CosmoLexPay simplifies the payment process, enhancing cash flow and client service. Yet, the client experience starts even before financial transactions. The first touchpoint, your website, can significantly influence a potential client’s perception of your firm.  

Make a great first impression with CosmoLex Websites 

In today’s digital age, a professional and user-friendly website is essential for any law firm. CosmoLex’s Lawyer’s Business Suite includes CosmoLex Websites, which provides law firms with modern, mobile-friendly websites. 

With CosmoLex Websites, law firms can: 

  • Enjoy a fast and easy setup process 
  • Optimize their website for local keywords 
  • Integrate intake forms 
  • Provide easy access to the secure client portal 

The best part? The software suite offers unlimited data storage, a no-contract, pay-as-you-go service, and tiered pricing for 10+ users. CosmoLex’s Lawyer’s Business Suite provides more than just a software solution. You get a partner dedicated to helping your law firm grow and succeed. 

Lawyer’s Business Suite: a game-changer for Law firms 

CosmoLex is transforming the way law practices are managed and grown. It’s a single platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to the unique needs of law firms.  

And now, with the introduction of the Lawyer’s Business Suite, it’s even more affordable.  

Our new offer allows you to customize your CosmoLex experience by picking and choosing the tools that best fit your firm’s needs. Even better, if you bundle two or more CosmoLex products, you’ll receive a 30% discount. 

Ready to discover what CosmoLex’s Lawyer’s Business Suite can do for your law firm? Schedule a demo now!


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