Check Printing Tips For Law Offices

Trust Accounting

The paper check is alive and well even in our increasingly digital world. CosmoLex billing software for attorneys includes check printing capabilities. Here are a couple of points to consider when producing checks.

Manual Or Printed Checks

CosmoLex can print checks on your local printer. The advantage over manual checks is the payment documents will be clearly printed, easy to read and accurate. CosmoLex will automatically update the transaction to show the check has been printed so you won’t have to wonder about it later.

However you might prefer to write your own checks by hand or print them from another application. This is a little clumsier because you must then manually update transactions to show they checks have been sent out, but that’s not difficult to do. We strongly recommend you convert your system over to using checks printed by CosmoLex to keep your financial operations integrated into one law firm management software package.

Standard Or Voucher Checks

CosmoLex can print either standard or voucher checks. Standard check stock contains three checks per sheet with no check stubs. Voucher checks have a check and two stubs on each sheet. You tear off one stub for your own records, and the recipient keeps the other stub after the check has been deposited. Standard checks are cheaper and more environmentally friendly, while voucher checks provide a better paper trail. Some state bar associations recommend keeping paper receipts when using cloud software in case you lose access to your cloud provider.

You can set a default selection under Setup -> Settings -> Default Settings, and you can also change the setting when you print the checks themselves. For example you might want to print most of your checks as standard checks but print trust payments as voucher checks so you can keep a stub for your records. When it comes to trust accounting software you can’t have too much documentation!

Simple and integrated check printing is just one of the many features of CosmoLex that make it essential to a modern law practice. We are so convinced that you will find CosmoLex an invaluable tool to your practice that we offer a no-obligation trial period. Use the full product with no obligation — you don’t even have to give us a credit card number! You have nothing to lose so try it now.


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