Benefits of Legal Solutions In The Cloud

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In our last post, we explored the different ways law firms can utilize SaaS or legal software solutions in the cloud. In this post, we’d like to explore some of the advantages that come with using practice management solutions in the cloud.

Benefits of Managing Your Law Firm In The Cloud


Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages of law firms using software solutions in the cloud is how accessible all of the systems used to manage a firm become. By using cloud-based practice management software, members of your firm will be able to work wherever they can access the internet, which nowadays is pretty much anywhere.

Reduce Your Firm’s Focus On Technology

As a lawyer, you are probably much more interested in practicing law than you are in hosting your own server and maintaining system upgrades. When your firm starts utilizing legal solutions in the cloud you no longer have to worry about IT management, application management, business continuity, and disaster recovery. Somebody like CosmoLex can worry about the tech side of things and all you have to do is log into the system.

Cost Saving

This isn’t always the most valued advantage of legal software in the cloud, but by making the switch your firm can do away with large upfront costs and trade them in for smaller, more predictable monthly payments.

Always Up To Date

If your firm is using On Prem software it’s possible you’re managing your firm’s operations with dated software that may not even be compliant with the most recent legal regulations. Practice management software in the cloud is maintained by providers like CosmoLex and allows your firm to automatically utilize the most recent and up to date technology.


If you are a growing firm, cloud solutions offer you the ability to scale the solution to fit your needs. You can easily add or remove users as attorneys and legal professional join or leave your practice.

Business Agility

Chances are, smaller firms just starting out won’t be looking for all of the functionality that a larger established firm is. The beauty of practice management software in the cloud is that firms can choose to utilize additional functionality and modules as they grow and need them. Where some firms may just want to start out with a client management system they could do that, but down the road add accounting and billing automation.

Automatic Data Backups

The idea of losing your client’s data and communications is a total nightmare. Many firms aren’t technologically sophisticated to the point where they can perform regular data backups. By utilizing practice management software in the cloud, like CosmoLex, these backups are already taken care of by the providers automatically.

If your firm is ready to start taking advantage of all of the benefits legal practice management in the cloud has to offer, try CosmoLex for free.


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