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In my last post, I discussed organizing your firm’s email communications by the matter they are related to. This is a great way to ensure that all pertinent information concerning a specific matter can be found in one place. This will allow all of the attorneys and other legal professionals involved with this matter to easily track down the information related to the tasks they need to carry out.

While increased ease of access to your firm’s email correspondence is a huge advantage to your firm, it does have its own shortcomings if it isn’t managed appropriately. The fact is that your firm and many others often have a number of different members of the firm handling a number of different aspects of the specific matter.

This can raise a couple of problems on its own. In instances where firms implement an email inbox per matter or even when they tag emails to live under one specific tag, they could be granting access to sensitive information that shouldn’t be seen by all the attorneys or legal professionals working on that matter.

The other problem that can be raised in these situations is that you could be creating an inefficient model of accessing client communications for your firm. I understand you’re organizing your firm’s email correspondence to become more efficient, but if you create an environment where a member of your firm has access to hundreds of emails from your client and they only really need access to one specific thing, you’ve created a new problem and source of leakage when they waste massive amounts of time sifting through emails that aren’t related to their specific task.

Make Matter-Based Email Work For Your Firm

Organizing your firm’s email communications by the matter they are related to will not raise any efficiency and security issues at your firm if you utilize the right tools to do so.

CosmoLex now not only automatically tags your firm’s email communications, but it also allows you to assign specific role based permissions that limit access to different emails inside a specific matter. This will reduce the time members of your firm spend working with email and eliminate any security risks associated with sensitive information.
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