Corralling Your Law Firm’s Emails

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Maybe more so than in any other profession, attorneys have a great understanding of the importance of being able to follow a paper trail. It’s something many attorneys do while working for their clients to simply get the best outcome. While many lawyers can sift through their client’s financial documents or contracts with little to no problem, corralling their emails related to a client matter can be the source of many headaches.

The idea of managing matter related emails may not seem like something that should be difficult for a firm, but when you consider trying to manage communication from multiple clients, multiple matters for single clients, multiple points of contact at both your firm and your client – it begins to look slightly daunting for even the best law firms.

Organize Your Firm’s Email By Matter

For firms looking for the best way to organize their email correspondence, there is no question that the best method is to organize your emails by matter. The tougher question is how does a firm go about doing that?

There following are three methods generally used by firms looking to corral their emails by the matter they are associated with:

Creating Matter Specific Inboxes

Many firms have tried to simplify the organization of their emails by creating matter specific inboxes for every single legal matter they deal with. While this can be an effective way to organize your firm’s email, it is important to consider the strain this can place on your IT staff. It can also create an entirely new problem in managing the plethora of newly created inboxes your firm will generate.

Manual Email Tagging

Firms who want to place less of the burden on their IT resources often look to manually tag the emails by the matter they are associated with. This can be an effective method, but as is the case with any manual process your firm would be opening itself up to human error. With multiple people working on a single matter strict naming conventions would need to be followed without exception.

Automated Email Management

Up until now firms have had to choose one of the two previously mentioned, less than effective methods of managing their firm’s email correspondence. The good news is your firm no longer has to settle for one of these methods. Recently CosmoLex announced matter-based email integration that allows for your firm to integrate your email, no matter what provider you use, with the practice management system to automatically tag and manage all of your firm’s email. Automating the process of managing your matter based email will eliminate human error. It will also reduce your reliance on IT resources, increase the efficiency in which your firm works with email, reduce the dreaded leakage associated with the extra time spent managing emails and the failure to record and bill for time wasted sifting through all of your firm’s unorganized email. Try CosmoLex for yourself with a no-obligation Free Trial.


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