5 Updates to Make to Your Law Firm’s Website

5 Updates to Make to Your Law Firm’s Website

Your firm might have the best record in the courtroom, but if you don’t have a website that’s engaging, easy to use, and client-focused, you’re going to miss out on potential clients. Your law firm website is your first line of communication with prospective clients—what is it telling them?  

Recent research indicates that 76% of consumers search for a business’s website before visiting them in person. Your website might be outdated (or nonexistent) because you’re busy working on cases, but to prospective clients, a slow, unappealing website can make you look unprofessional and irrelevant. Win clients with your website by making these five updates to highlight your relevance and success. 

Update #1: Add a lead-capture form 

You might think the easiest way for prospective clients to reach you is by simply picking up the phone, but today’s consumers are increasingly communicating with businesses online. 

While phone calls certainly aren’t going away anytime soon, winning websites provide potential clients with options that allow them to use their preferred communication method. Some options include: 

  • Creating a strong and responsive social media presence that quickly answers client questions through comments or direct messages 
  • Providing an asynchronous chat feature on your law firm website which can be used to answer client questions, suggest next steps, and gather relevant client information 
  • Using a lead-capture form to gather client information, which can then be followed up with direct email or telephone communication 
  • Highlighting your phone number on each page of your law firm’s website

Of these options, we suggest using a lead-capture form or asynchronous chat, since these methods allow you to gather pertinent information from prospective clients about their case while providing you with an avenue for follow-ups. 

Update #2: Incorporate optimized photos and videos 

There’s a simple lesson law firms can take from the growing rise of TikTok—consumers prefer watching videos to reading long blocks of text. What does this mean for your law firm website? Use videos whenever possible to get your message across and appeal to prospective clients. For example, instead of filling your site with written attorney bios or client reviews, provide short, professional videos highlighting your firm’s unique value.  

When adding photos or videos to your site, ensure they’re optimized (meaning formatted and sized) for browsing on desktop and mobile devices. Data indicates that as little as four seconds of load time can cause your site to lose 25% of traffic, and filling your law firm website with large videos can slow your website’s load time.  

Update #3: Blog regularly 

Blogging on your law firm’s website is beneficial for a few key reasons. To start, it shows prospective clients you’re active online. When used effectively, it also highlights your competency in and out of the courtroom. For example, you could use a blog to help potential clients understand legal issues or to explain new case law that may be of interest to them. 

Even more importantly, a blog helps your website drive traffic to itself. Prospective clients are more likely to find your firm by using a search engine to search for a generalized keyword, like “best law firm in New Jersey.” But how do you ensure your firm’s website shows up as one of the top results? 

The top results to appear on search engine results pages are determined in part by each website’s relevancy to people searching online. Websites build relevancy by creating high-quality content that’s useful to consumers. 

Update #4: Share client success stories 

You probably realize how harmful a bad review can be to your firm. But good reviews matter too—in fact, 77% of consumers “always” or “regularly” read reviews when considering a business. 

You have a wealth of happy clients, so get their stories out there! Share written reviews or video testimonials to show prospective clients what working with your firm is like. 

Update #5: Create a dedicated page for each practice area 

A website that’s clunky or difficult to navigate will cause prospective clients to quickly bounce off your page. Instead, make your firm’s unique value clear to clients with concise, clear website copy and dedicated pages for each area of practice.  

A prospective client should be able to easily navigate to each page of your website from the main menu as well as through links on your home page. Your law firm’s website should be thorough without overwhelming potential clients with information. Explain your services in a few targeted sentences and show clients how to get further information specific to their case. 

With a few simple updates, your law firm website can help you find more clients.  

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