CosmoLex vs QuickBooks®: Why Lawyers Prefer CosmoLex Built-in Accounting

It’s simple. CosmoLex is built to handle all the unique requirements of legal accounting. QuickBooks is not.

And that is a big deal. Because it means that QuickBooks financials are always suspect, due to the need to use multiple manual (error-prone) procedures & workarounds. Plus, QuickBooks results in higher costs because you need to run multiple software systems – for accounting, billing, practice management, etc. These costs – in money, time & effort -- never go away.

Let’s take a look…

Alternative to QuickBooks®



Financial Data


It is up to you to collect all the data for timekeeping, billing, CRM & more. Getting that data into QuickBooks takes time & effort.

  • Data sync between billing, time keeping, etc. is a manual process that requires constant checking.
  • Double Data Entry. You either manually re-key financial data into QuickBooks -- which takes time & brings more errors -- or you can struggle with problematic imports.

CosmoLex’s all-in-one system keeps one set of data – that is shared across all modules (billing, timekeeping, accounting, etc.)

  • No Data Sync Needed
  • No Double Data Entry
  • No Data Imports

Trust Accounting


Staying compliant involves manual workarounds.

  • No protection against overdrafts or commingling.
  • No protection against posting funds in the wrong accounts.
  • No 3-Way Reconciliation. Must be constructed manually, offline. A time-consuming process.

CosmoLex keeps you compliant – automatically.

  • Built-in, automatic protection for overdraft & commingling.
  • Funds automatically posted to the correct accounts.
  • 3-Way Reconciliation built in as a one-click process -- that even pulls in bank account data automatically.

Cost Tracking


Cost tracking is a manual process.

  • Must manually check the correct posting of all items.
  • Cost recovery for direct & indirect cost reimbursements is a tedious manual process.
  • Inflated revenue is common due to the difficulty in differentiating between income & cost recovery.

Cost tracking is automatic, thanks to CosmoLex’s matter-centric architecture.

  • CosmoLex automatically checks that all funds are posted to the correct account.
  • Cost recovery reports are built in. Always available. Always current.
  • Revenue is accurate & always current.

Payment Accounting


Payment tracking involves manual workarounds.

  • Partial payments are applied proportionately, requiring manual adjustment.
  • Payments from a trust account to an invoice require multiple manual steps.
  • Online Payments –QuickBooks does not track payments to invoices. Reconciliation is a daily headache.

Payment tracking is automatic.

  • Partial payments are applied first to costs, then to fees – automatically.
  • Trust account payments are applied to an invoice with a single click.
  • CosmoLex’s built-in online payment processing tracks transactions end-to-end. Reconciliation is automatic.

Productivity & Profitability Analyses

  • Must be done manually offline by pulling data from multiple pieces of software.
  • CosmoLex includes multiple built-in reports – and it is easy to customize your own.

Software Costs

  • Multiple Subscription Fees for separate systems for accounting, practice management, billing, CRM & more.
  • Support & Training Costs are also multiplied.
  • One Flat Fee gives you ALL the tools – time keeping, billing, accounting, CRM, etc. -- needed to run your law practice.
  • Free Support & Training.

CosmoLex is almost entirely automatic …

and always adjusts your financials to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

QuickBooks is almost entirely manual …

and ignores legal compliance issues – forcing you to make the constant necessary workarounds.

It is easy to see why lawyers prefer CosmoLex to QuickBooks. Sign up for your Demo today.

Separate Billing & Accounting

  • Duplicate data entry
  • Imports/exports that never seem to reconcile 100%.
  • Multiple software subscription fees & required training add up to a real cost of both money and time.
  • With billing and accounting data scattered, you have no reliable way to get a grasp on the productivity or profitability of team members, clients, or the firm itself.

Trust Accounting

  • QuickBooks allows Client Trust Funds to be posted incorrectly to any account — even to rent or payroll.
  • No built-in protection against overdrafts or commingling.
  • Three-way reconciliation reports are not built-in. They need to be assembled manually from multiple reports, making reconciliations time consuming and error-prone.

Client Cost Tracking

  • Accurate matter cost accounting is challenging because it’s up to you to manually check the correct posting of all items, all the time.
  • Tracking of cost recovery between direct and indirect cost reimbursements is also a tedious manual process.
  • Inflated revenue is common due to the difficulty in differentiating between income & cost recovery.

Client Payment Accounting

  • Partial payments against invoices are applied proportionately – rather than first to costs and then to fees. This requires constant manual adjustment.
  • Applying payments from a trust account to an invoice requires multiple steps.
  • Online Payments – when QuickBooks does not know which invoices are paid, the money trail is lost. Reconciliation becomes a daily headache.

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