You Don’t Have To Sacrifice Security To Manage Your Firm In the Cloud

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Law firms are always looking for new ways to drive efficiency through technology. No modern business can afford to ignore advancements in technology and the benefits it can provide. Unfortunately different industries face different regulations, and the legal industry may be one of the most heavily scrutinized. So adopting new technology can be viewed as somewhat risky.

It’s understandable for law firms to hear the idea of managing sensitive client documentation and information in the cloud and get a bit nervous. Mismanagement of sensitive information concerning your clients and their legal matters can easily result in ethics violations and the eventual disbarment of the firm.

Concerns Over Legal Practice Management In The Cloud

Security is one of the greatest concerns for firms when considering moving their practice management into the cloud. The idea of increasing your firm’s agility in where, when, and how attorneys can work is too beneficial to let these security fears hold your firm back though.

Security Of Law Practice Management In The Cloud

There is no question,  that putting client data in the cloud opens up the possibility that information may be hacked and accessed by digital bad guys. Not every cloud solution is secure. Is this something to think about? Absolutely, every firm should have security of their data top of mind, but by asking the appropriate questions about cloud security when assessing practice management solutions your firm can be assured that all of your client information is secure.

Make sure to ask questions like:

  • What levels of encryption does the document management solution use?
  • Will my firm have to share a database with other client firms?
  • How often do your servers undergo security audits?
  • How often will my firm’s data be backed up?
  • Are all user accounts created equal, or can I assign different levels of access?

CosmoLex prides itself on our ability to keep all of our client firms’ data secure. All of our clients enjoy bank-grade encryptions, firm specific database schemas, daily security audits, frequent data back ups, and role based user security.

Read More About CosmoLex’s Security Measures.

Could the cloud be a scary place for law firms? Sure, if you use a less than adequate solutions. See for yourself how secure CosmoLex is by trying it out for free.


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