Legal Time Management Solutions, What to Look For

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Legal time management is a difficult task at any law firm. For firms who are busy, both its importance and difficulty increase. Time is money, so it is important that firms have a time management solution in place that is efficient and easy to use. Having a quality legal time management system in place will allow your firm to focus on what you do best, helping your clients, not tracking time.

Don’t Be Scared of Implementing A New Legal Time Management System

Unfortunately, for many firms, there is a large barrier to entry when it comes to legal time management and that is the initial setup process. If the program is too difficult to implement, any attorney would resort back to their old time management habits that have kept them afloat up until now. While this approach may help some firms get by, they’re missing out on improving productivity that will improve employee satisfaction and yield better results for clients and the firm. Legal time management programs can be easy and user-friendly when your firm has the resources in place to implement a new system.

The reality is, though, most law firms don’t have a great deal of IT resources on-hand to take on this type of implementation. One way to cross this barrier is to utilize legal time management software delivered via the cloud. Legal time management software delivered via the cloud allows law firms with little to no IT resources to easily implement an effective legal time management system.  Most legal solutions in the cloud can then be configured to meet the unique needs of individual firms who sign up to use it.

What to Look For In A Legal Time Management Solution

When choosing a legal time management solution for your firm it is very important to know what to look for. There are solutions out there that focus solely on time management, then there are time management systems specific to the legal industry, and finally there are integrated practice management systems that can manage not only your firm’s time but the other areas of your business.

Whichever time management solution it is that you choose, it is important that you look for one that has the following features and functions to manage time at your firm efficiently:

  • The ability to link all meetings, events, or tasks to the matter they are associated with (and record timecards)
  • Safeguards to ensure all time recorded is billed for
  • Shared Calendars that allow all employees to coordinate schedules
  • The ability to set tasks and deadlines for all members of your firm
  • Custom workflows built for your practice
  • A system that allows you to simply view timekeeper and productivity reports

Practice Management Software with Time Management Functions

For firms looking for a time management system that integrates with all of the other systems they use to run their business, CosmoLex is a potential solution. Try CosmoLex for free!

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