Time And Billing Software As Part Of A Disaster Recovery Plan

What would you do if your billing records were destroyed? You would have no idea which clients have paid, which still owe you money, or what your practice’s financial status was. Fires, natural disasters, computer viruses can all destroy your data. You need a disaster recovery plan and a cloud-based legal billing and accounting software produce like CosmoLex is a key part.

The Danger Of Local Storage

Storing your ledgers in your office puts all your financial eggs in one basket. A small fire would be all it takes to destroy your records. In fact it might not even be the fire — it might be the sprinkler system that saves your office at the cost of destroying your files and your computers. Plus there are also other dangers like burglary or hard drive failure. And for those of you who are smugly keeping paper records, thinking that makes you safe from malware or hardware problems, those paper books are also a lot harder to archive than electronic records. And that leads us to the most common disaster recovery plan: backups.

Offsite Backups — An Incomplete Solution

So maybe you are using attorney time and billing software and you are even diligent enough to back up the database regularly. If you keep your backups in the same office then you aren’t really providing much protection. You might keep them offsite, but large-scale natural disasters can still destroy your originals and the backups. The best option is probably to use an online backup service, but even then your records are only as good as the last backup. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was another way?

Cloud-Based Time And Billing Software For Lawyers

CosmoLex provides protection against disaster by storing all of your information in the cloud. Even if your office is damaged or your computers stolen, you can still get to your records from any other machine as long as you have your login information. The information is current because it’s not a backup; it is the actual database you work with. Your information is redundantly stored in our professionally-managed datacenter so it is protected against hardware failure or computer viruses. Our servers are regularly backed up offsite as a guard against disaster. We deploy the best in digital and physical security to keep your information safe.

You can’t afford to lose your data, so you need attorney practice management software that provides an extra layer of disaster recovery. Sign up for CosmoLex today and keep your sensitive information safe.

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