The Benefits of a Document Management System In the Cloud

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Any law practice management system worth it’s salt will feature document management capabilities. A reliable document management will help your firm profit, increase your workflow and protect your firm from risks. The most reliable legal document management systems can now be found in the cloud.

How does legal document management in the cloud do all of this for your law firm? We have put together this list of benefits of a document management system to help you understand how valuable a document management system can be to your firm.

Digital Document Management

Gone are the days where your firm needs to store all of their documents in filing cabinets. The simple digitization of legal documents has allowed for firms to reduce storage costs, but now with maturation of cloud technologies like Dropbox and, legal practice management software like CosmoLex that integrates with these technologies can even reduce your firms expenses associated with IT infrastructure.

Simplified Legal Document Retrieval

An effective legal document management system will organize your digital records by legal matter. This allows for instantaneous access to documents, reducing the time and money spent on legal document retrieval. With a cloud based legal document management system

Legal Document Security

The digitization of legal documents has also increased law firms’ ability to secure their legal documents. Legal document management systems in the cloud allow for specific permissions to be set on documents, while also increasing the ease in which documents are shared among attorneys. By passing legal documents in the cloud, your firm will also reduce the loss of documents.

Legal Document Management As a Piece of A Practice Management System

To increase the effectiveness and the benefits associated with a legal document management system in the cloud, CosmoLex features legal document management as a part of a larger legal practice management software solution. By integrating legal document management with the rest of your legal practice management system, CosmoLex allows you to manage all of your documents directly from a dashboard while saving all documents in a format that is consistent with your billing, calendaring, tasks and workflows.

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