Tech Tip #265: Lawyers Should Embrace AI to Maximize Efficiency


The rise of artificial intelligence mistakenly gets a bad rap because people think it will decrease the job market. However, the opposite is actually true. AI will help free up a lawyer’s time that can often be bogged down in repetitive and mundane tasks. This ultimately allows lawyers to increase efficiency and focus on higher-level billable tasks, such as advising clients, negotiating deals, and appearing in court. 

Here are three examples of where AI has made an impact in the legal industry so far: 

  • Systems such as Ross Intelligence help eliminate many of the common due-diligence errors, which are often the result of lack of time to conduct a thorough investigation.
  • AI can also sort through documents in a fraction of the time, easily picking up on deviations from standard contract wording, pointing out changed areas or sections where lawyers should give a more thorough review.
  • With predictive coding, lawyers can upload relevant and non-relevant documents into a system so that data can be located more efficiently than traditional, Boolean-based logic.

Learn more about the “Real Uses of AI in Law Firms.”


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