Tech Tip #260: Protect Your Firm’s Data – Create a Disaster Recovery Plan


Lawyers are responsible not only for securely storing clients’ confidential information, but for acting in a way that best protects their interests, which extends to reasonable efforts to prevent IT mishaps. IT mishaps include natural disasters and data breaches that could result in data being lost, damaged, or corrupted. The best way to protect your firm’s data is to have a disaster recovery plan (DRP). Some items to consider in a DRP include:

  • A plan for restoring electronic data in place that should be tested out periodically to make sure it will still work
  • A plan for dealing with water damaged paper records which can deteriorate quickly if not dealt with quickly and properly
  • A system for identifying and tracking damaged client records and what happens to them

Learn more here: What goes into a law firm’s disaster recovery plan?


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