Tech Tip #20 – Your Activities Tab Helps Save Time

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You may notice that the tabs within Activities and those within Matter Details are practically identical. The reason? It is all a matter of preference. If you are focusing on a specific matter, you may do all of your activities within matter details. But what if you are entering time entries throughout different matters? Or wanting to email invoices across several matters? That is where the Activities section can help you out. Here are some highlights:

  • Time/Expense: view all entries as well as add time across any matter. Saves you from having to locate the matter from your matter list first.
  • Invoices: Generate in bulk as well as view a list of all invoices, receive invoice payments, or email invoices across multiple matters
  • Calendar: View your entire calendar for you and other users and add/edit events.
  • Tasks: View and/or edit your entire task list. Know what is upcoming across all matters
  • Documents: Be able to switch between matter folders quickly and easily to manage your documents
  • Notes: View an entire firm notes trail, and also search through all notes.

So the next time you do an activity in CosmoLex, think of whether or not you could do it quicker or easier from the Activities Tab section!


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