Personalize Your CosmoLex Experience With Individual User Settings

One of the features introduced in CosmoLex version 1.6 is the User Settings panel. This allows each user on your team to customize the legal billing system to optimize the working environment. After logging in to CosmoLex, click on Setup at the top of the screen. You’ll see a row of tabs for the different categories. The two of interest to us right now are Firm Settings and My Settings.

Firm Settings Affect All Users

The Firm Settings tab displays five side tabs: Financial Settings, Firm Preferences, Invoice Templates, Email Templates and Firm Information. Administrators or other authorized users use these tabs to specify various default settings to be used by the program. These settings range from the law firm’s mailing address to the sales tax rate to the option to print a cover page when producing invoices.

The Firm Preferences side tab includes several default settings such as the default operating bank or the default matter owner. For example when creating a new matter, the default matter owner will automatically be assigned. These defaults can be overridden for each item as needed, so in this example users could still create matters assigned to other attorneys.

User Settings For A Customized Workspace

Each user will automatically be assigned the defaults specified under Firm Settings, but some of these options can be changed by individual users by clicking on the My Settings tab under Setup. Specifically, most of the fields under Firm Preferences can be overridden by a user.

For example, let’s say your firm typically uses standard checks that print 3 to a sheet. However the administrator of your trust accounting system uses voucher checks (a check and two stubs) to create a stronger audit trail. Rather than having to change the setting each time checks are printed, the trust account administrator can specify voucher checks as the default under My Settings.

My Settings lets each CosmoLex user, from senior partners to billing clerks, create a work environment customized to the job’s specific needs so each user can work to maximum efficiency.

CosmoLex law practice management software is always evolving to meet your needs. The CosmoLex development team works with our customers to add new features to let you optimize your workflow and run a more efficient legal practice. You get these improvements automatically and at no cost. All you have to do is sign into CosmoLex to start using the updated version.

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