Managing a Legal Practice isn’t Just About Practicing Law

If you manage a legal practice, you know that your time is split between running a business and practicing law. As much you want to be working with clients, you find your time being consumed by operational tasks, especially billing & collection. Managing invoices, retainers and reconciliations are not only a time-sucker, but if you mismanage them you can suffer consequences like fines, lost business, diminishing profits, or even jail time.

These are one of the big reasons that there has been a recent shift from desktop software to cloud-based software. To keep up with the pace of your clients and competitors, you need to maximize your efficiency by automating as much as possible.

But wait, what exactly is cloud-based software? It’s software that enables you to access your files in a secure data center over the Internet. And because we’re all not IT gurus, the cloud allows you to not have to worry about managing servers and or updating software because the software provider can do it all over “the cloud” for you.

View the infographic below to see how cloud-based legal billing software, such as CosmoLex, helps to free up your time, stay compliant and increase business:


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